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I felt the urge to make a Chaos Dwarf list that would literaly get you thrown out of any tournament and banned from most friendly game clubs Enjoy

Sorcerer Prophet 400

Lvl 4 Hashut

Forziks Folding Fortress

Daemonsmith Sorcerer 110

Lvl 1 Death


Daemonsmither Sorcerer 145

Lvl 1 Death

Chalice of Blood and Darkness

Infernal Castellan 175



33 Infernal Guard 636

Full Command

Banner of Flame


Kdaii Destroyer XXX

Dreadquake Mortar 215

Slave Ogre

Deathshrieker Rocket XXX

Magma Cannon XXX

Magma Cannon XXX

Deathshrieker Rocket XXX

Total 2496


Da Crusha:

so whats the plan here?

Goltor Lintrepide:

Doesn’t seems that bad. The guy from blue table painting has some powerfull lists and he still gets his ass kicked sometime, look at some of his battle reports :





The guy from Blue Table Painting does not play warhammer…

The plan is simple. Deploy the tower on the line with warmachines 3" away from the tower and the destroyer lurking near by. I blast you until you are forced into Blunderbuss range then blast you with 30 D3 shots


I felt the urge to make a Chaos Dwarf list that would literaly get you thrown out of any tournament and banned from most friendly game clubs Enjoy

The local tournaments I go to the folding castle is banned to begin with, but have no problem with Telic and other annoying special characters.


You should go with hellcannons rather than your dreadquake. More resilient now.
I don’t see what you can do against a purple sun though… Not speaking of the skaven spell (the one which destroys buildings)…

I don’t know how high is your “tower”, but you should never get 30 D3 shots…
Our buildings here are never higher than 3 floors…


Saying you do get to a place that does not ban the tower (unlikely but sure), what exactly is your game plan to win? I see that you have dudes and two main peeps in a giant tower, but your only spewing 30 or so shots at one unit a turn. So I race at you with too many targets and a big brick of whatever, this is all vague because most armies can do this, and ignore your tower and either win or draw.

Because I wipe out all your warmachines and everything else sitting outside the house. Just a rough numbers game I can get about 1200pts off you, that you can not support as long as you stay inside the house. I launch some idiot on a horse or mount with a dragon helm and stubborn crown into the kadai. Keep army tight once I get in blunderbuss range so units can use the bsb and general rules to stay good and not panic off. Once I make contact I start chopping up warmachines and lone engineers who are all outside babysitting the arty park.

I guess my main problem with it, is you have your lord using up all his points on a trick that does a few things, 1 you cant go forward 2 you limit your effective range massively, 3 your spells and lore choices all will have short range unless you go with fire (one of the few that a prophet can choose that has really long ranges but all at st4 sadly). Yes I see what your trying to do, but I dont really belive it will do it. Slow me down and make me have to wade across an ocean of hits. A proper list will have either all fast movers or hit you in waves, blitz units leading the charge to soften you up and gum up the works with slow moving heavies following up. If its an all cav or even close to all cav list, it will all arrive turn 2.


Considering all that Geist has said, I think this list has enough weaknesses to be acceptable. I would consider testing a similar list at a friendly game just because nobody at our gaming group uses the fortress; surprise them, have fun and not use it ever again.


Purple Sun only does D6 hits as it is a template so whoopie you kill 3 dwarves and cracks call is one short ranged spell.

Game plan to win games is very simple. Place the tower on the line in a flank with all the machines within 3" of it and the Destroyer lurking nearby. All the dwarves and characters sit in the building and each turn I cast Ashstorm and drop the Dreadquake on two blocks while the rest of the machines rip another block apart. Rinse and repeat until you reach close range which means Blunderbuss and Destroyer will clean you up.


Sure, you have a plan which is a step forward, but I still reaming unconvinced that it will win. Try it out see if it works.


test the list and tell us how it goes…

its an interesting modeling idea to make a chaos dwarf small fortress :idea

Da Crusha:

Im not convinced.

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Purple Sun only does D6 hits as it is a template
I know. I mean purple sun on your artillery... If 3'' of the tower... Very easy to catch every of your warmachines...