[Archive] Trade custom BC, KF, Eldar, HE, for CD, Warmachines, OK, Eldar (USA) UPDATED

The Gib:

Below are a list of some models I am looking to trade away. I can provide pictures upon request. I would consider selling the models but priority is to trading. Please PM me with any interest.



20 Guardians (Plastic, older edition, some are bases white and few have a little blue on them but none are fully painted)

Falcon (Fully painted, turret is not glued on. Weapons are the Pulse Laser and I believe a Star cannon, may have an S Cannon also)

New Wraithguard - Arms are magnetized. Right now only have the axes and shield arms magnetized, but these can be switched out for any other weapon once those arms are magnetized also.

High Elves

Dragon Princes (have 7 with a full command, actually have two captains, and two musicians. I just used them as normal guys)

20 Archers (old edition, plastic)

Chaos Dwarves

Bull Centaurs - These were made out of chaos knight horse bodies and beastmen torsos.  There is a full command with one painted model the others are based black.  They are pinned to the base.

Bull Centaurs

K’Daai Fireborn - These are from Anime Tactics.  There are eight fully painted and based models.  The bases were professionally made as lava bases.  These models stand about an inch taller than an ogre. SOLD

Taur’ruk - unbuilt, Scibor Minotaur and random bull body. Did not build this yet, but would be larger than the other Centaurs so should make a good Taur’ruk


Chaos Dwarves

Need models to use as IG. Looking for something from Avatars of War (Ironbreakers or

Magma Cannon

Ogre Kingdoms

Ironblaster (Really only need the ogre and the cannon, along with the straps the ogre holds the cannon up with)

Ogres (need 2)


Vauls Weapon Battery (Shadow Weaver, looking for 3 but will consider fewer)

Warp Spiders (looking for 8 with an exarch)

High Elves

2 Bolt throwers (Interested in the actual bolt thrower or the bits from the flying chariot)

The Gib:

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