[Archive] Trading a bunch of (old) stuff

Gilius Thunderhead:

So i’ve happened to get my hands on a bunch of old gw fantasy minis, from different armies;
can’t say they are in top conditions as they have appereantly been badly primed with white spray and some have missing bits but anyways i just want to get rid of the lot and to make it i’m willing to go for a special bargain:

all the minis i’m gonna list against 1 or 2 painted regiments of chaos dwarfs or greenskins core units of whoever might be interested,regardless of the manufacturer or painting level. customs are also welcome.no unit restriction type,i need a bit of everything from black orcs to blunderbusses to night gobbos, except cd big hat warriors (got plenty of 'em).

now, before i go on posting pictures and stuff, i just wanna know how many would be actually interested in this kinda deal. i consider trading parts of the lot if no one really cares to take it all or is not willing to send out a whole painted unit or two, but i really would prefer to lose it all so i’m willing to come to a reasonable agreement.

well,here’s what i have:

22 plastic bretonnian archers (of which 5 have a half broken bow)
1 metal bretonnian champion knight on foot
1 metal bretonnian champion knight of the grail on plastic horse (tail broken)
1 metal bretonnian champion knight with morning star on plastic horse
6 plastic bretonnian knights (of which 2 missing the spear arm)

1 metal kroxigor

1 metal rat ogre (broken at the ankle but the foot is still glued to base)
1 metal jezail cannon with crew (2 minis)
7 plastic skaven warriors
1 metal clanrat command group (champion missing)

4 plastic high elf archer
4 plastic high elf spear man

2 metal chaos hell-hounds

a bunch of ruined hero-quest like minis to use as spare bits.

any suggestion (its my first time trading) or question is more than welcome!


Any photos of the HeroQuest models?

Gilius Thunderhead:

i’ll try to get a few pics tomorrow with day-light. appereantly these minis where part of a painting guide of some sort.

here’s the list:

1 plastic barbarian hero

1 plastic templar/crusader

1 plastic wizard (broken staff)

1 plastic dwarf hero (broken axe)

1 plastic elf hero

1 plastic human scout/rogue

1 plastic marauder

1 plastic minotaur

i shall add that all of them seem to have been painted and then recoated without proper stripping.

i actually used to have an original hero quest box but unfortunatly it went missing years ago…which sucks 'cause its thanks to it that i got interested in warhammer at all and damn,i loved that game! :mad

Gilius Thunderhead:

bump with a new deal: all the stuff vs some dark angels or chaos marines from the dark vengeance set, even if unpainted.