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Firstly hello, I am new to the forums.

I was wondering what you all use to transport your models? Do you one of the major foam suppliers, if so who? What foam trays do you use for your larger models?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Slave Flaxis


I went to the store and bought a big plastic container, kind of long and skinny. I put a metal sheet at the bottom and I have everything magnetized So my models don’t go anywhere. With the forgeworld models I own it’s hard to use the foam sometimes, Especially for my destroyer and taurus.



Whit these things you can even run into someone when you try to catch a train and still there is no damage to the models…


Also depends on how much you want to spend, I spent 17 dollars. Those big cases can run around 100 or more


I use a box.

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KR Multicase. I use their cardboard boxes with the precut foam. Works great.

For models that don’t damage easily, like most plastics, I use homemade cardboard boxes that fit inside GW boxes.


i use bags and cases from


not cheap but versatile and great quality.


Have tried different things but never a GW or other registered trademark items.   I would love to do magnetic bases but haven’t quite got there yet.   But for my olde RoR units using DIY methods, I’ve used shoe boxes with foam sheeting cut to fit inside. I can then cut the foam to match any model shape (and that’s where the time is spent) with separate boxes for different units. each is reasonably small.ish, as to be able mix and match without adding to the weight of it all when travelling to a meeting. I’m coming back to this as a probable best method for me. Had a guy in our club who spent 400 dollars on a fancy case for his tyranids (everything lazercut etc etc) and a year later is out of the game

post… shoe boxes free from shoe shops. foam 25 - 30 mm black medium density, 3 - 4 metres square for ? $20au from a furniture shop, and from garage sales a thin, approx. 5mm blue foam sheet possibly an older style exercise mat as a base layer.



Thank you for your assistance with this.

Slave Flaxis


Mine are magnetised. Both individually to the movement tray and also the bottom of the tray. That way I can just chuck them in a tin (even upside down!) and then get out a whole ranked up unit… No more setting up!!


another vote for KaiserRushforth cases, they usualy hold more than the equivalent GW case and are much cheaper