[Archive] Transporting your armys what do people use

Mad Dave:

Hi guys

Just wondering what people use to transport your army’s to games or do people use them for storage.

Ive just received a new case today From KR Multicase guys a nice double aluminum case. so i might do abit of a review/blog what ever you wanna call it once i’ve used it for abit.


I use a KR Multicase ( Black ) ive had it for 5 years and its super awesome and lasts forever <3

Though i might be magnetising my army soon.


i have a lot of this “Feldherr” bags. I store my Dark Eldar and Eldar army for 40k in them. Everytime i get an army out to play somewhere i have to sort the foams and units if i wont transport the whole army.

My WHFB armies are all magentised so i normaly transport an army just in a box with some foam inside. If necessary i put some units like heros, weapon teams and stuff in a small suitcaste filled with foam.

Otherwise my WHFB armies are stored in glass showcases like that:

Dark Elfs and Demons:




Chaos Dwarfs and Beastmen:


I recently bought this one. It’s HUGE and relatively cheap! You can easily carry vehicles, monsters and hordes of infantry…

Yet again, if you have the money go for Battlefoam. They are the best cases I’ve ever seen although very pricey!

Mad Dave:

@ Vile :- I love those shelf’s and glass cabinets id love to get some of those, itd make my Comp room where i store my miniatures look so much more neater and stop the damn cats trying to climb on the shelf’s and knock off my forge world stuff.

@ Skink :- i was looking at that very bag last week on the website

I’ve found a pick of the case i got


well i have no cats :wink:

your case looks more solid than mine.

i am always afraid that some small parts could break in case of pilling them up.


My units are magnetised and transported in tin boxes; 2 normally used for cookies, one for dog biscuits or somesuch. I love how I can just pull a unit out and plop it on the table. Saves a lot of setting up time!

Da Crusha:

I have 2 GW carrying cases I use to hold my blood bowl teams. my biggest monsters and such are on my book shelf. any army that I don’t use much are usually not painted so just stored in bags in shoe boxes. I have also made my own carrying cases that hold about the same amount of minis as the gw ones for just $13 each. I used cheap tool boxes and foam. then just cut out cavities for each model. these were even cheaper because my gf worked at a hardware store at the time.

the Armies that I take to tournaments and are painted and taken care of are my chaos dwarfs and tau (well they aren’t painted), they are each held in there own storage containers under my bed. the chaos dwarfs are all magnetized and are always ranked up and ready to go to the club or tournament. the tau are all standing in the container, I might have to do something else with them though since they don’t transport well, lots of flight stands and high center or gravity plus no movement trays or magnets. I’ve been thinking about getting some more foam for them and storing them in there.

lately Ive been downsizing and selling off stuff I never use.


i am always afraid that some small parts could break in case of pilling them up.

I have one of these bags to... but I also use the foam for storage, takes up some space, but the models are way better protected than any other option other than display (behind glass)


Shoe Boxes and the like with hand cut foam cutouts for my CD’s if they’re lucky (WoC and O&G aren’t luckyat all at the moment)


I use a tackle box, cheap and effective


I use the cardboard KR multicases. Work great, very hardwearing.


A Battlefoam bag is ready to take care of my minis when they arrive :wink: