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A hail to all sons of Hashut!

I’m total new to CD, but I’ll try to earn a rightfull place between the awesome artists, who post here on this site. :cheers

I have no experience with GS, nor do I use the Citadel Colours, but Revell. With increasing work, I’ll perhaps try to do my first steps with GS.

So here are my first CD, nothing extraordinary, but a good start imo.
Enjoy the pics and please tell me yar opinion! :hat off

An Immortal, made from an Ironbreaker. Wanteds the mace and the shield to look like glowing lava.

Two CD Warriors, what have been Dwarf Rangers and have been converted with Marauder bitz and a 25mmm base to fight in the ranks of my WoC.

Keep on happy painting!


Great stuff… Keep it up!


I really like the little green crystals on the bases of your warriors, really adds to the spectral effect!


Great work. I like the way that you are going with these minis. My only critisim is that that paint looks a little “grainy” I am not sure if it is your under-coat, your technique or that the pigment in your paint is a little thick.

I would like to see you paint something with either GW, P3 or Vallejo paints, and see if it looks different. Even if it is a single colour.

I really like the little green crystals on the bases …

Umm…thanks for pointing out that they were crystals, when I first saw the photos, I thought that they were some sort of evil plant, but when I looked again, they are indeed crystals.

Overall great work, keep going, I want to see more.


I like the masks on the blue guys, but I don’t know where you got them from.

Either way, like the colours and styles, keep up the good work ! :slight_smile:


At first I thought the masks were shoulder pads with holes drilled in them but now I’m not sure.


I really like the little green crystals on the bases of your warriors, really adds to the spectral effect!

Yeah what is that stuff? actual crystals or weird glue creations?


Masks are drilled shoulder pads.

Crystals are…well crystals, it’s a kind of decoration- litter.


I’ve been impressed by the two Chaos Dwarfs/WoC. They are very well executed. Even if they look like VC wraiths!!!

Regarding the green stuff, give it a go mate!!! The mace of the Immortal is impressive, I’d love to see that lava effect on a properly sculpted Chaos Dwarf!


Great work on your first models i really like the immortal, they have to be my favourite unit in the CD army :slight_smile:


Original masks… :slight_smile:





Really nice ones!!! I’ve been positively impressed especially by the BT. It’s an easy design but yet it looks so darn right the more I look at it!!! How did you made it?


Yes, great model, got any WIP photos?



BT is made from bitz from a leman russ.have no wip-shots,sorry.


Is it a side sponsoon? Great use of bits.

I tought your minis were cool but with the big hats here are even cooler!

Is that copper? it’s really warm… what’s the recipe? Mine is fine for rust copper but not an old and ancient copper like yours…


revell colours and devaln mud and badab black…and brushing.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Hehe you can’t go wrong with a steampunk spearchukka turret. :slight_smile:

Very nice use of colours and metals on the warriors and bases! :hat off


awesome painting here!


thx! but it’s quiet easy!