[Archive] trying to find the name of a film



I’m trying to find the name of a film a friend of mine saw years ago:

It’s a black-and-white. I think it’s British, around the 60s. There’s a painting in a museum - a painting of a house at night. One of the windows is lit. There’s a group of people living inside the house: they’ve been able to enter the painting, or are somehow alive inside it. They go on and on about collecting butterflies.

I think a criminal/murderer hides in the painting/house, and the “ghosts” who live there pass judgement.


More than likely a film from the 1940’s-1960’s as its in black and white, At least one star or character name would be able to help. Sounds a little Hichcock esque but I know its not. The only one I can recall with butterflies breifly is Terrence Stamp in the title role, as the collector.


That’s all the info I have. Heck - maybe he was watching it on a BW television set! Just seeing if anyone can come up with some suggestions as to what that movie was called.

Thanks for the input!


… found it: a 1955 horror anthology film called “Three Cases of Murder” starring Orson Welles, among others.

thanks for the help!


I did try to think of it. If I recall that was three seperate films all rolled into one with the same main protagonist in each of the sperate stories.


Reading the thread to start I was going to suggest it might have been a Hammer horror, but glad you found it.

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