[Archive] Trying to recreate a Chaos Dwarf army in a White Dwarf in Kings of War

Green Knight:

What first got me into Warhammer Fantasy was a great battle report way back in the days of 4th edition between Chaos Dwarfs and Wood Elves. I’ve wanted to collect Chaos Dwarfs ever since, but never got around to it (I ended up collecting Undead in 4th edition, Bretonnia in 5th edition, and ended up with Empire by the end). I have an Undead army for Kings of War now but I thought that now’s a good a time as any to finally build by “Chaos Dwarf” army, albeit as Abyssal Dwarfs.

More than that, though, I don’t just want to build an Abyssal Dwarf army, but I want to build a legal Kings of War army which apes the army list from that very first Warhammer Fantasy report I read so long ago. In that battle report the Chaos Dwarf army was as follows:


It looks like a great list! I might also recommend if you have any spare points putting a good artifact on that horde of black souls:

One good loadout I would recommend is giving them a potion of strength instead of taking the actual two-handed weapon option (still model them as great axes of course) which gives them all the killing power but dosent tank their defense.


Was that the battle of ? Anurels Tomb?


I think it is, and this army in particular is an iconic Chaos Dwarf army in my mind. I really want to see how this plays out.

Green Knight:

It was The Battle of Skull River, actually. Chaos Dwarfs Vs Wood Elves.




















Green Knight:

It might be fun, too, to play it against an Elf player whose own army mimics that of the Wood Elves from that battle report. In the battle report the Wood Elf army was as follows:

- 10 Wood Elf Knights

- Wood Elf General (Mounted)

- Battle Standard Bearer (Mounted)

- 12 Wood Elf Scouts

- 12 Wood Elf Scouts

- 10 Wardancers

- 10 Wood Elf Warriors (Bows)

- Wood Elf Chariot

- Wood Elf Mage Lord (Mounted on Great Eagle)

- Wood Elf Master Mage (Mounted on Unicorn)

- Treeman

- Treeman

A parallel army in Kings of War could be the following:

215 Stormwind Cavalry (Regiment: 10)

145 Elven King - Horse, Mace of Crushing

065 Army Standard Bearer - Horse

175 Kindred Gladestalkers (Regiment: 20)

175 Kindred Gladestalkers (Regiment: 20)

140 Kindred Tallspears (Regiment: 20)

150 Kindred Archers (Regiment: 20)

140 War Chariots (Regiment: 3)

160 Elven Mage - Lightning Bolt (5), Wings of Honeymaze

115 Elven Mage - Horse, Bane-Chant (2), Fireball (10)

260 Tree Herder

260 Tree Herder


That army appeared to use a lot more Blunderbusses than the studio had models for, so two of the blunderbuss units were probably from someone else’s own army.