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Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hi guys!

In prep for the 'Ard Boys tournament this weekend, I have been running a few of the scenario’s with some of my customers just as a practice run.

Anyway, after playing a few games and observing that no one ever seems to get into close combat in turn 1 as turn 1’s usually about marching in your units of troops to engage the enemy, and possibly getting in a spell and a few war machine shots, I was wondering if there was any way to get a “Turn 1 Victory” game by doing something radical like killing their General or something.

Has anyone done this? Is it possible?

Am I playing too much Magic The Gathering?


There’s one mission that lets you potentially start 12’’ from each other, so first turn combat is possible.

I guess bad army lists could die in 1 turn - Huge unit getting blown up and causing panic to others.

I’ve had an opponent give up before his first turn, as my Hellcannon killed his Vampire Lord on my first turn (rolled a 1 for lookout sir!).


If the enemy loads several of their characters into one or two units, and you can get a fast unit to charge and win against them, it could easily wipe out half of their points in the first turn, and more depending on fleeing units. So it is possible, but unlikely against an experienced player.


Possible, yes.
Likely nope.
But a fun thing to try, like 7 balling someone in a pool game.

Da Crusha:

a friend of mine said use a vc hero with talisman of lycni and forbidden lore (death) then take ghoulkin (the one that allows ghouls to move before turn 1) deploy ghouls with vc character on the line, march him up before the game starts. then on your first turn march him seperately 18" this should put him 26" past the deployment line and then cast purple sun down a flank. if you combine this with lore of shadow to lower initiative it could be lethal to almost anything. if your opponent anticipates this move you can use vanhel’s to move an additional 8".


that’s… PAINFUL!

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I once used asrinil to chase off a huge unit of silver helms and after astronomically fatal leadership tests he had one unit of 15 spearmen left on the board for the start of his first turn.


I had an opponent that quit the game after I flank shot and wiped his caflery unit…

And at one of the first 8th ed tournaments I played I won because the star player had his vampire general killed in turn by a forced miscast from a misfired Hellcannon. in his turn 1 his army just started crumbling (:

People that give up in turn one are sore losers…


Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have not witnessed any such thrashing in WHF 8th ed.

However, in WHF 7th ed. I witnessed a Lizardman army defeat a WoC army in turn one before the WoC player got to move. Combination of Chameleon skinks and magic made the entire WoC army panic and flee off the board. Good tactics by Dave (Lizards) and poor deployment by Rojo (WoC) and a LOT of good and bad dice rolls thrown in there.

In a 40k game that took place during the 2009 ETC, an all-biker White Scars army won the roll to go first and elected to reserve everything. His opponent with Tau set up his Kroot infiltrators along the opposite table edge and thereby won the game during the deployment phase as the bikers couldn’t actually enter the table edge. One dice roll in the whole game.

Tough to beat that one.



It’s definitely do-able. I’ve seen a few lists that would auto-lose Blood and Glory if that was the scenario that was rolled but I’ve never actually seen anyone do it.

Here is a link to an interesting battle report from the UK Masters featuring a one turn victory



@Neil, I get a broken link sorry :-/


And at one of the first 8th ed tournaments I played I won because the star player had his vampire general killed in turn by a forced miscast from a misfired Hellcannon. in his turn 1 his army just started crumbling (:

Had something similar to this at my club, bloke using count Manfred miscast first turn and then rolled double 1 and he was sucked in to the warp , after much laughing in the club they shook hands moved his army back 12" and they started again :D


@Neil, I get a broken link sorry :-/

Try copying and pasting this directly (with http:// on the front)

If that doesn't work, hit the Warhammer Forum, go to reports from the Battlefield and look for the one called 'The Greatest Moment in My Warhammer Career' It's currently about two thirds of the way down the first page.


@Neil, I get a broken link sorry :-/

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Tomg Kings vs Lizards. Turn 1, Slann moves up, Dwellers the hierophant. Game over. I saw it was going to happen but didn’t want to interfere with someone else’s game.

Dark Elves vs Dwarfs. Turn 1, Sorceress on Pegasus flies over to the flank and chucks jumbo Purple Sun 30", wiping out 16 Longbeards, a Cannon, Organ Gun and the Anvil of Doom.

So, yeah. Imba spells ftw :~


Tomg Kings vs Lizards. Turn 1, Slann moves up, Dwellers the hierophant. Game over. I saw it was going to happen but didn't want to interfere with someone else's game.

With TKs (the old one at least still) there's an interesting feature where loosing the Hierophant is nowhere as crippling as loosing the Vampire general is.

In a tournament in 7th playing an admittedly novice player I sent my Mounted Demaonettes (A Beast of Chaos army BTW) in to assassinate the Hierophant. It was my first turn (though he started) and by the nick of my skin managed to inflict the 2 wounds needed. So the army starts to crumble. Except there's a Ld10 TK passing the LD tests and the constructs out of the Ld bubble take 1 wound less. So I realise I'm not going to have an easy win after all...

I win a couple of turns later as I finally managed to kill the TK (damned hard guy that) and a TP with chariots in the same go.


In tournament, against one of the only girl I played, who played a Beastmen army (in 7eth Ed).

I played a very shooty and ininteresting DE army which I have borrowed to a friend.

I began.

Turn 1 : anhilation of her monsters and panic for the unit with the general (and the hunt horn) in a house. All the units in embush out.

Game over.

Never played DE again since this tournament.

Ininteresting, I completely recommend not to play that…:sick

Finished 2nd, but offer such games. Nevermore.


I have had a turn one loss. Playing goblins against skaven in I think 6th edition. the Skaven player went first, rang 13 on the bell, my whole army had to do leadership tests and half of my units ran straight from the starting blocks off the board. Lmfao - not! I conceded a massacre and we started again.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Turn 1 in 6th edition. Orc special character caster turned opposing vampire general into a squig in the first turn, the only casualty before the guy started whinging and whining and NEARLY crying and complained it was unfair. We pointed out how it was fair and said let’s just get on with the game, alternatively, we can have you admit a forfeit and we redeploy sot hat your general isn’t in the open. Took us half an hour to get him to agree to setting up again (but he refused to admit defeat). Wasn’t his best moment.


In fifth edition your entire army had to take a panic test if your general died. Oh and with the vampire spell Curse of years every model in the unit died on a 5+ (including the characters). I loved to play all gobbos so I had a lot of turn one defeats.