[Archive] turqois dwarfs lizard men and others (lots of pictures)

turquois dwarf:

these are my lizardmen. i have been working on these for a very long time. i still have 10 temple guard, 2  stegadons and 3 teradons to paint aswell as the rest of the cold ones!

i can see all the mistakes on these big pictures! the unit champion and standard bearer need touching up!

these are my saurus with two hand weapons (counts as hand weapon and sheild). some bases need finishing.

cold one cavalry. the cold ones look less green in real life.

characters. the second picture isnt amazing the camara focused on the one skink:mad.

my units of skinks. the ones at the front are out of focus (aparantly this is because of depth of field on the camara). the ones with javelins and sheilds were built before they could rank up so rank up very badly.

and that is all for now.

Kera foehunter:

they look grea!! it seem like there a lot of people he with a lizzard army

turquois dwarf:

I thought that to. there must be something about lizardmen that makes people want to go on to chaos dwarfs!

Kera foehunter:

so have you got any of the new stuff yet T D

turquois dwarf:

more stuff! not realy lizards though.

dragon fly which is a “teradon” for a skink cheif.

black reach terminators.

kroot hound. this is a tester model for an all kroot army!

Kera foehunter:

i like the dragon fly!! he so cut