[Archive] tusk, noise and lips


can someone show me how to make the dusk, lips and the noise.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Surely you mean tusk, lips and nose…?

Well, use greenstuff! All of these start off as small rolls of greenstuff that are sculpted into a pointy shape using a sculpting tool or knife or whatever you want to use and feel comfortable with.

I took the shortcut of cutting off some Gnoblar noses and sticking them onto my dwarfs. Saved me a bit of time, but do this only if you have no other use for the little greenskins.


ty, I will try it


For tusks, roll out some sausages of GS to a comfortable length and then when its to the right thickness, gently roll the ends a bit more so they taper. Leave it to dry/harden and then cut the ends off and you’ll have two tusks!

Its important to leave them to harden before putting them onto the face/lips, else you’ll smush them.


the way i do my tusks is to roll out a sausage of greenstuff  as above and then cut triangles out of it

the first ones i did where a little fat

but i’ve refined the technique now and am getting better results