[Archive] Tutorial: Green Stuff Skull Masks


Hey guys, after so many of you gave me such an amazing amount of input on my dwarf warrior sculpt, as well as tons of motivation, I thought it fitting to give something back. :cheers

Here is a quick guide of how to easily sculpt your own skull faced masks for your chaos dwarfs. With a bit of practice it is quite easy and quick, I took about 5-7 minutes for this example.

1: I used a spare miners head I had lying around. If you want the model to have a curled beard add it before starting on the mask.

2: Remove the helmet, but keep the overall shape of the head. In hindsight I should have removed the nose as well, it will only be in the way later on.

3: Put a blob of green stuff on the face. Spread it with your sculpting tool, until it has a smooth surface and covers the face and head evenly. Spare the lower lip, however, since our skull mask will not include a lower jaw.

4. Use a thin probe (seen in picture 6) or a similar tool with a round tipto poke holes for the eyes.

5. The slits for the nose are made using the thin sharp end of your sculpting tool, or the dull side of your scalpel. Make the incision upwards, so as to push the nose a bit more between the eyes and raise it a bit. Mine looks a bit crooked, because the nose of the plastic dwarf pokes through there. Hindsight´s a bitch :smiley:
Use the flat end of your sculpting tool (seen in the picture) to carefully push in the outline of the skull mask. Do not simply push down, but also a bit inwards, so you raise the eyebrows and cheekbones.

6. Use the probe to shape the eyes as you wish and carefully define the outline of the mask further. You will have to go back to this step ever so often when one of the next steps deforms the eyes a bit, but that is only natural.

7. Make three incisions for the teeth with your sharp thin tool. Make these incisions downwards. This will draw the green stuff a bit down, so carefully push it back up, using the flat side of your tool. This also creates a straight jawline.
Then use the sharp end to to make slight incisions between the eyes and the nose. move upwards, beginning at the cheek and ending between the eyes.

8. Now that the face itself is almost done, sculpt the temples, by again using the flat sculpting tool to carefully push the green stuff into the desired shape.

9. Carefully remove the excess green stuff from the sides of the mask to complete the mask. One easy way is to use the sharp thin tool. Be carefull not to distort the mask in the process.

And you are done! Let it dry and then you can add further details ás you see fit.

I hope this is of use to some of you.

Cheers, Skalfgrimm


Hey thats awesome ! damn helpfull ! Ill use this one later!


great,thank you for that

will try that at my next conversions(bought a second bfsp box some time ago,so enough minis to get some practice :wink: )


This is a great tutorial! Nicely done!


We need bigger hats! :slight_smile: excellent tut i like how you explain every step so well, very helpful.