[Archive] two magma cannons, too much?



I’ve been working on my CC dwarf list, and making fine tunes.

I have some nice punch, horde of GW IG, 3 HW’sh bull centaurs and 2 nasty BC Tau’ruks. (and the K’daai)

My shooting is ok. The one magma cannon makes the dents I need it to, but the Death Shrieker is falling flat every time. I feel that for the 45 pt difference, the 2nd magma cannon will really put pressure on people to engage me in HtH.

my question is; are 2 magma cannons too much? Is this ‘unsporting’ or ‘too cheese’?

I know that I could go 3 magma, 2 hellcannons, but I’m not. Trying to make this a lower comp. list and more fun to play.


Time of Madness:

2 Magma cannons are better then one, but you may not make too many friends. To be honest I actually prefer 2 shriekers and 1 magma cannon.

Time of Madness


I use two magma cannons. One always seems to blow up, so it’s nice to have the redundancy built in. If you’re not using a hellcannon as well, it shouldn’t be too cheesy.


depends on the situation. Two Magmas are nice and can kill quite a lot but i also prefere taking just one and use some other war machines like hellcannon, dreadquake and at least one deathshrieker.

The Magma cannon is good to clean up rank&file and monstrous infantry but its good to have something against other warmachines, monsters and so on. You know, something that does d6 wounds.


I would not use two magma in a friendly but a tournament list with no comp it will be fine


I usually use two Deathshriekers and think that I’d rather have 0 than just 1. Replacing it with another Magma Cannon is going to be extremely nasty in some match-ups, while not quite as vicious in others. In a tournament setting I wouldn’t consider it a cheese build at all, especially if those are your only two warmachines.


thanks for the replies.

I only run 1 death shrieker right now. All it does is suck and die.

I’ve hit pretty much nothing with it. Even with a re-roll. I keep my SP near the Magma cannon, as that thing is WAY more reliable.

and no other Demonsmith.

again, thanks for the advice


Glimpse the Void:

I dont know, the template is big enough that there is never a bad time to have 2x magma cannons. Whether you are fighting swathes of infantry or monterous cav they are fantstic. The only reason I dont do it is because I don’t think its very friendly.