[Archive] Two possible lists, 2400


I’ve been having a look through the army list and come up with two possible lists, each one an extreme example. How do you think these would get on?

Gunline - hardly imaginative. Everything is devoted to getting rid of the enemy from a distance.

Sorcerer prophet, level 4, enchanted shield, luckstone, 4+ ward

Daemonsmith, ruby ring, shield of ptolos

Castellan battle standard, dragon helm, black hammer, dawnstone, shield

2xKhan, wolf, shield, spear, light armour

17 IG, FC, fireglaives

2x10 IG, fireglaives

2 deathshriekers

2 magma cannons

2 hellcannons

Obviously next to no close combat ability, but could an army make it across the board in one piece?

Next up, a monster list. Designed to inflict casualties in close combat.

Sorcerer prophet, level 4, enchanted shield, luckstone, 4+ ward, taurus

Taar’ruk, shield, 5+ ward, great weapon

Castellan battle standard, armour of bazherak, dawnstone, great weapon

2xKhan, wolf, shield, spear, light armour

37 IG, GW, FC, banner of swiftness

5 renders, GW, FC, gleaming pennant

3 fireborn


This list should move fairly swiftly, even the dwarfs can run a bit faster than normal. IG as a horde for lots of attacks. Renders with taar’ruk should be seeking flank attacks as they themselves have two full ranks.

Both lists have small body counts which would probably go against them, but I’ve tried to make each as good as they can be at what they do.

Both also look heavy on characters, but I’ve used some hero allowance for two khans on wolves.

Any thoughts?