[Archive] Two Turn Battle


Posted a mini-summary in the thread where people helped with my army list, but realised it should be here.

Dusted off my CDs to play a game at the local club last night - 2 vs 2, 2000pt match, CDs and Goblins vs Savage Orcs and Khemrians. My list was largely decided by what I could get paint stripped and undercoated in time.

My rough list:

Lvl 4 on Taurus

39 Infernal Guard + BSB

20 Blunderbussiers

1 Dreadquake

2 Deathshriekers

Goblin ally:

Lvl 3 Night Goblin Shaman on Arachnarok Spider

4 x lvl 1 Night Goblin Shaman

60 Night Goblins w/ Spears and Shields + 3 Fanatics

20 Night Goblins w/ Spears and Shields + 3 Fanatics

20 Night Goblins w/ Bows + 3 Fanatics

20 Forest Goblins w/ Hand Weapon and Shield

5 Wolf Riders w/ Command

5 Wolf Riders w/ Bows

3 Spear Chukkas

1 Giant

1 Pump Wagon

Enemy Orcs:

Warboss on Boar

Handful of Shaman

30 Savage Orc Boys

9 Boar Boys

2 Trolls

2 Mangler Squig

10 Wolf Riders w/ Command

5 Wolf Rider

Rock Lobba


Two wizard-type things

A special character

50 Skeleton Warriors

20 Skeleton Archers

2 x 6 Necropolis Knights

2 x 5 Skeleton Cavalry

1 Chariot unit


Sadly, due to the length of each turn, the time it took to get our opponents together and the time limits on the club we only got to play two turns, meaning we only got to play that section of the battle where cavalry and exotic units clash to which I had little to contribute.

Battle went broadly as follows:


- Enemy win first turn, start to advance. Rock Lobba misfires. Khemrian cavalry draw out 6 fanatics.

- Magic phase results in not one spell going off. This happens all game.

- Mangler squig kills 11 Forest Goblins and breaks the unit.

- In our turn, Arachnarok charges a lone troll and fails to kill it, leaving the Great Shaman exposed.

- My sorcerer on Taurus swoops off down the right flank, looking for a chance to send Purple Sun of Xereus down the flank of the Necropolis Knights.

- The big block of Night Goblins holds position, the rest advance.

- Night Goblin archers rout the cavalry.

- Giant fails a charge against enemy wolf riders, which flee and are ridden down by allied wolf riders.

- Shooting! All three artillery pieces of mine roll ‘Hit’ on their artillery dice. First DS kills 17 Skeleton warriors. Second kills 8 Savage Orcs. DQ kills two Necropolis Knights.

- Bolt Throwers achieve nothing.


- Boar Boys charge the flank of the Arachnarok, kill the Great Shaman but can’t come close to killing the spider.

- 10 enemy wolf riders charge our five, lose combat but hold.

- Orc player rolls abysmally all game.

- Mangler Squig crushes Pump Wagon.

- Necro Knights charge archers.

- Second Necro Knights draw out fanatics from big Night Gobbo regiment.

- Fanatic whirls through blunderbussiers, killing one and emerging next to the artillery.

- Rock Lobba deals two wounds to a Deathshrieker.

- 2 Night Goblin shaman killed by cavalry, third flees.

- Taurus lines up a beautiful enfilade of the first Necro Knight unit. In the magic phase, a six-dice attempt on Purple Sun fails to produce a Irresistible and is blocked by enemy Dispel Scroll.

- Blunderbuss destroy Mangler Squig.

- Trying to kill units, Deathshrieker aims at remaining enemy wolf riders. Scatters onto Skeletal cavalry, kills four plus two wolf riders.

- Other DS scatters uselessly, while the Dreadquake explodes.

- Forest goblins rally.

- Arachnarok kills half the boar boys and the troll it is fighting.

- The giant charges the second troll and kills it, overruns within inches of the Rock Lobba.

That was essentially it, sadly the infantry grind I was prepared for never happened. I’ve not listed the various magic weapons characters had because it didn’t end up being very relevant.

From my limited experience of it, I missed my Bull Centaur/Wolf Raider fast attack options, which I’ll try to include in future, so will try to get my BCs rebased as soon as possible.