[Archive] tyranids for Iron Daemon or war machines or whatever


I have a whole slew of nids not doing anything. I’ll double check everything I have but rough numbers are this.

1 carnifex.

1 Zoanthrope

9 warriors

24 genes teasers

24 or so hormagaunts

30 or so spine giants

24 or so termagaunts.

A slew of rippers.

I don’t do anything with these models and haven’t for a long time. Will trade the whole lot or broken up bits

Fuggit Khan:

Well, I don’t really need any Tyrannid bits, but I just wanted to say it’s good to see you back here on the forum again…I’ve been missing your army blog updates :hat off

Hope all is well with you and family :cheers


Yeah nothing other than working like a dog has been happening. Played a few games and have been painting my ogres up. They’re almost done for what I own.