[Archive] Uber Secret Project #2 by Willmark


As alluded to this time last year I am embarking on Uber Secret Project #2. I figure now that my jugger https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/9090 is now getting towards the painting stages, its time to work.

As noted I have been thinking about this since at least last June (if not earlier) so I figured I couldn’t wait for someone else to do this, so I have started on my own… :slight_smile:

For now I’m let everyone guess as to what it is… shouldn’t be to hard…


Will it be a giant Kolossus? It looks huge… :slight_smile:


From the looks of it he’s going to be a biggin’


That looks like it is going to be huge cant wait to see how you will do the body :slight_smile:


A giant AT-ST!!! A war walker of some description!


That’s one of those star wars walker things isn’t it?

Lol.  Here on CDO I think we have kollosus envy, everyone has got to make one bigger than the last one! :slight_smile:

That’s going to have to be really well balanced willmark.  Or pinned with thick wire onto a large base. You could do a fallen giant template, but there isn’t going to be a place on the battlefield that would be spared!

Kera foehunter:

a set of pirate leg!!! for your cabbage patch doll ??


I is going to be big at least twice the size of a giant. My thinking for this is a legendary battle type of scale,this is not everyday they trot this out; this are for the battles that REALLY matters.


first glance at the first pic i was thinking some sort of terrain peice, possibly a mining rig/outpost, but that second pic just alludes to the infamous Kollosus and by the looks of it - its gonna be freakin’ 'uge. Quite an impressive project to undertake.

looking forward to experiencing it tale unfold… nice.


Stop the press. I have a new idea on how I might do this hopefully some pics late tonight.


Is it the iron man? He’s like the BFG, but for robots…

Kera foehunter:

Stop the press. I have a new idea on how I might do this hopefully some pics late tonight.

there no stopping now :mad:mad
just give us more:hat off


Here is the reason why I did a 180 on my Kollossus… Its a rough start but it gives you and idea where I’m going with this bad boy:


I think he’s seen too much Terminator.

But don’t worry about the Kollosus… He’ll be… back?



Atleast its huge! Im looking forward to see how it will turn out… :slight_smile:

Sargoth The Enslaver:

…:o(Loss for words)


As yet looks like a huge Terminator! :wink:

Awesome … eager to see the complete one! :cheers



Well, you’re right about them only wheeling it out for battles they really want to win…


You have to tell us where you got that from! It’s going to look awesome. Do you have a rough design planned yet?

Kera foehunter:

WOW !!! now that cool willmark