[Archive] Ubertechies Maruader horde for sale


Hi all

Not sure if this is appropriate or not (Xander apologies if it is not)

My CD army as featured in the Indy GT book is for sale on the link below


It is a thing of beauty and has given me much pleasure - however all good things must come to an end and with the release of the great INDY GT book I feel it is time for it to have a new hone




Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo thats just wrong. So many great models so many wonderfully painted individual peices damn thats a shame but good luck I hope it finds a good home with someone


That is a very tempting auction Ubertechie, and I am disheartened to see you part with it. I am very tempted to bid on it, but have to wonder how you intend to package it up and ship it.

Personally, I think you should hang on to it - that is a bit of history!!


It is indeed a piece of history - and i have been thinking about this for about 12 weeks - i have set a reserve that if they reach i will be comfortable with. I really want them to go to a good home and not some scumbag that is going to sell them on. As for packaging and shipping each one will be individually bubble wrapped and possibly then placed in a figure tray and sent in a large GW case - not sure yet but am comfortable that it can be done without damamge to the minis - have stipulated that it must be shipped via an insured means as its far too valuable to be ‘lost in the post’ - which is wh i wont ship to Italy as their postal service is notorious for things getting ‘lost’.

And yes I do feel like I have killed a kitten


Wait… What?

After going through all that to get it painted? Why?


Not sure why you are selling them but i hope that you get a worthy price as its a fantastic army

Pyro Stick:


I cant believe you are selling these so soon after getting them all painted. You will definately regret it. Why is it that as soon as someone completes their collection they feel the need to instantly sell it? This has to be the 3rd or 4th time someone on the site has sold their completed collections and im sure most of them regret it, as i am sure you will as well. In a few months we will probably see you back here trying to start your collection all over again. I also doubt whoever wins it will appreciate it as much as you do, because they dont know all the effort you went through to get it painted up all nice and based etc. I think you need to think about selling your collection for a little bit longer. Also, with the amount of spare cash people have atm, i doubt you will get what its worth.


What a shock, when reading my auto chaos dwarf ebay-search emial.

And from a guy that did the same thing, mind my words: ‘You’ll regret this, bitterly’. Maybe not right now, but later on - 6 months, a year or 2, but I’m sure you’ll regret this.

- but then, good luck with the auction, of course - I hope you get what this is worth - and that it goes to a good home - and not goes to a ebay shark - who’ll strip it and spilt it to pieces.


Good luck, i am sure you have good reasons .I dont think anyone gets a good price for whole collections but if your comfortable with the reserve you have set,all is good :hat off


Hmm! £511 and still a few days left - not bad, not bad at all.

Alan the evil:

I only hope you don’t stop with chaos dwarf… you always were a reference for chaos dwarf’s strategy to me!!


IMO it’s a shame to sell these collection at ebay!

That’s nothing personal … but your army is so cool …

… and in contrast to clam I think 500 British Pounds are not enough for this guys!!! :cheers


Pyro Stick:

The reserve for this wasnt met so it didnt sell. Now you can hold onto the army for a while longer and really thinka bout wether or not to get rid of it. I def think you should hold on to it.


I bid aggressively (IMO), but yeah, not enough to cover the reserve. I have no idea how much it was, but I have a feeling I wouldn’t go that high, even knowing what it was. My final bid was £670 (about $1200 Cdn)

Pyro Stick:

I bid aggressively (IMO), but yeah, not enough to cover the reserve. I have no idea how much it was, but I have a feeling I wouldn't go that high, even knowing what it was. My final bid was £670 (about $1200 Cdn)

I would really like to see you paint your own army up. i think with your colour scheme it would look awesome and stripping this one would be such a shame.

Im guessing the reserve was between £800-£1000


... and in contrast to clam I think 500 British Pounds are not enough for this guys!!! :cheers


Don't think I said it was a good price - I said that with 2 days left and already at £500 was a great basis. We all know that the price at eBay could easily dobbels within the last few hours - and when the price was already at £500 - I would have expected a price near £800 or more by the end.

But this army is really hard to valuate. There are lots of marauders and other rare 3th's - but valuate the paintjob is damn hard. I know Ubertechie has paid a lot to have these painted - but a CD collector with a painting talent - would probably strip them - and wouldn't value it very high.


O.k. clam I misunderstood you!

I understood that you thought that 500 Pounds were a good price …sorry dude! :wink:

IMO the 690 Pounds which has the winner to pay is a good deal for him!



The reserve wasn’t met, so the highest bidder didn’t win.


I was speaking to ubertechie on thursday at our local club he did say the reserve was set high, i think rightly so as it is an awesome army even more so when you see it in the flesh, i cant speak for him but he did say that if it did not sell he was happy to keep it and keep gaming with it, it was only if the price was right he would sell it, but if any one is interested pm and make an offer you never know



If I had won the auction, I wouldn’t have stopped collecting and painting mine, I’d have used it to play games while my army is in construction. Also, I would not have stripped the models and repainted them. The army, as is, is a work of art and would have kept it as one. But alas, the auction was not won.

I’m kind of interested in what the reserve price actually was though.