[Archive] UHU glue? **This message was automatically appended because it was too short.**


I have a feeling someone here used this on a hellcannon, but seeing as I cannot find the thread using the search it may not be on this forum…?

Anyhow, I am considering using this to add some slimy texture to some plague monks. So if anyone here has used this I would like to know a few things.

Would it work in small areas, or is it only better for bigger things?

How does it look dried with no colouring? Transparent or cloudy?

For everyone else; would this look stupid having slimy bits like they are oozing stuff that sticks them to the base like a spider web? Not a huge amount, but bits here and there, and all the weapons dripping.

I will have to take some shots of my bases for the army (I’m trying to build a load before assembling the models). It’s looking interesting so far.


NOFX used UHU glue for his hellcannon!

Here is the link: UHU

He posted also this link: UHU Blood