[Archive] UK Games Day 08


Anyone off to the UK games day this year? I’m going but only taking my nids for bring and battle because of the people I’m going with.


I gave up on gamesday in 2005, the tickets just go up too much each year and they’ve ut out a lot of the cool stuff

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

i hope so it’s my frist year but i don’t know how much the tickets are

turquois dwarf:

im probably going this year (my first to) tickets are £30



Sweet Hashut…it thought they were expensive last time!

I think i am going…with hopefully one of Wilmark’s t-shirts! (if he can post to UK)

Geckillan’s supposed to be giving me a game of BB anyhoo :wink:

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

im probably going this year (my first to) tickets are £30

turquois dwarf


I’ll be going too. Tickets are £30 this year as they include the Games day figure. Before the ticket was £25, and figure was £7, so this saves £2 overall if you planned on buying the figure. If not, then you could always sell the figure. Plus, White Dwarf subscribers get 10% off the ticket if they buy before general ticket release day, so it’d be £27. Overall then, £2 for a Games day figure is quite nice.

And yes, I’ll be giving WarplockMonkey a game of Blood Bowl.


I may be going with a scratch sculpted CD Sorcerer Lord.

I’ll probally be taking my CD army like I did last year, I’m just bewildered at the cost! I may find myself driving down instead.

I don’t want another usless Power Armoured mini, to gather the dust, Space Marine. Effectivly this means I’m being forced into buying a figure I don’t want, what a proverbielle pain in the rear end. When I stated that I did’nt want it I got "It’s a really cool Space Marine though"


Godbob and his jolly rogers:

yes i don’t like this new figure to :frowning: but the others were so good


I like the marine, so I will be keeping it. If you don’t want it, I’m sure you’ll get at least a tenner for it on vulture bay!

I was thinking, we should all get a CDO Tee shirt and let the big nobs know we’re in town!!

Lord Zarkov:

I’m going this year, worth it usually for the previews and prerelease, + the nice day out with friends.


Thing is…if EVERYONES gonna get a games day mini, there are going to be loads and loads of them on vulturebay…as crazy as it seems to sound, not everyones into space marines, me included!

Uzkul Werit:

I’ll be down too. We could arrange another game like last time, if only the tables were better organised.


yep ill be there also, might even have a 1,000 painted to play with, damn my slackness and other painting projects


Just paid for my tickets on-line! see you there!

Ghrask Dragh:

I might go again this year, I’ll see if I can get something done for Golden Deamon. Haven’t been in the hobby for a while mainly because I have had no-where to paint for about 2 months!!

Back now though so I may turn up, get some Forgeworld stuff, walk around the ‘entertainment’ section for a while then get whopped by everyone on the gametables :slight_smile:

Is anyone going up the night before?


Not going to England this year. However Germany is still going strong-ish and Poland later this year seems promising. No entries for Germany are finished though so might skip it and concentrate on Poland instead…


You should all submit Golden Demon entries, just to get people thinking CDs! :wink:

Ghrask Dragh:

I always intend to paint an entry for Golden Deamon but always end up running out of time and just pulling something from my desk and entering that, still get to the finals too :cheers

I might actually enter a decent miniature this year… might :slight_smile:


Hope to come and enter for golden daemon this year, as it would be a welcome break from digging (im currently studying archaeology at university at Preston and part of the course is that i have to dig for 4 weeks). Hopefully i can get my entries finsihed in time (planning for open competition or dirama to do two inquisitors playing warhammer :P). Plus for one of the enteries im defiently gonna get a chaos dwarf or two ready for the competition…hmmm…maybe a Kolossos…