[Archive] Uncharted seas sucess


I just wanted to share some good news with every one here, i went to a uncharted seas tournament on Saturday and with only playing 4 games before the tournament i placed 3rd out of 12 :smiley: i was so happy to place in the top 3, i won 3 of my 4 games the last by destroying me opponents fleet completely all that was left was drift wood.

I play a bone griffons fleet, and was one of two at the tournament the other placed second so a good result for the undead, i was at a bit of a disadvantage as all the other fleets have flag ships and nearly every one took them but in the end it all worked out for the best as my smaller faster ships outnumbered them and i was able to get round the back and get some good shots in on the weak stern :smiley:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

That’s awesome! I’ve never heard of that game, but I liked the Pirates of the Spanish Main when it came out. I imagine it’s somewhat simular.


Thanks alot Tarrakk :slight_smile:

You should check it out, its really fun to play very easy to play and you very cheep you can pick up a starter fleet for £25, here is the website its a small company called Spartan games, they are really great for a small company they are always updating the rules by PDF so any updates are free, they update the fleets all the time and not just 1 at a time they do 3 at a time so no 1 fleet is miles ahead than the others and all the rules for the new ships are just PDF downloads so you never have to buy a rules update again.

They also listen to people that play the game and posts on the forum and take their view in to account when they design new ships and rules for them what more can you ask for from a games company :slight_smile:

Here is link to the uncharted seas section of their site


if you use this link you can see all of the ships and fleets in the shop


The Shroud Mages are basicly Chaos dwarfs :smiley: