[Archive] Underground wars (T9A infernal dwarves� battlereports - Demons of Lust vs. ID))


Great battle reports! Good pictures, easy to follow, and its great to see your army on the table.

Good to know your out their putting the boots to those pointy ears! When you get a match-up against some other finished units I’d love to see some close ups of your guys in base to base, I think the Kadim Titan rolling up on some doomed infantry would make for some great shots. :cheers


Battle against O & G on August 10th 2016.

“Solar” visited me on the evening. He just came back from Greece, where he was a coach of the German Team at the ETC.

He brought with him his greenskin army which was focused on lots of shooting including 2 spiders with net catapults and 5 wizards (!). Main fighting force was a 37 strong feral orc block, gnasher dashers and chariots gave him some mobility and fast hitting power.

Myself played a variation of my tournament list. I adjusted my core and switched the infeffective blunderbusses for the same number of great weapons infernal warriors. I knew before that OG is a very tough matchup for me but decided to try a very similar list again to get more familiar with it.

The lists:

OG 2500:


Feral Orc lvl 4, screaming swords, ring of fire, scroll 280

Feral Orc Warlord, general, Bronze breastplate, divine icon, Fleshrender 215


Goblin Chief, BSB, Wizards Hood 100

3 x lvl1 Goblin shaman, each 60


5 Goblin wolf raiders 65

2x 20 goblins, short bow, MS  each 80

37 Feral Orc Headbashers, CMS, Banner of discipline 442


3 x 5 Gnasher Dasher, each 60

2 x Goblin wolf chariot, each 60

2 x greenhide catapult (Splatterer), each 90


2 x Gargantula, Web Launcher, each 255

Gnasher Wrecking Team 65

ID 2500:

Lords: -

Heroes (547)

Hobgoblin Chieftain, Wolf    55

Hobgoblin Chieftain, Wolf    55

Magus, General, Hardened Shield, Ring of Fire, Tome of Arcane Lore, Engineer, Lvl 1 forge    145

Magus, Dispel Scroll, Lucky shield, Engineer, Lvl 1 fire    140

Vizier, BSB, Dragon Mantle, Dusk stone, shield    152

Core (715)

10 x Citadel Guard, Flintlock, M,S, Banner of Discipline    190

10 x Citadel Guard, M,S    165

20 x Hobgoblins, M, S    95

25 x Infernal Warriors, Great Weapons, M, S    265

Special (688)

20 x Disciples of Lugar, Great Weapon, M, C 320

6 x Disciples of Lugar, paired weapon,    78

Infernal Artillery, Volcano Cannon    120

Infernal Artillery, �?~Rocket Battery    85

Infernal Artillery, Rocket Battery    85

Rare (550)

Infernal Engine, Shrapnel Guns    225

Kadim Titan 325

We rolled diagonal deployment and Hold the ground, so we would fight for a central objective.


He had a ridiculous amount of spells and rolled the “Path of Death” for the wizards hood (a really nice item, maybe I could include that, too). Death he had the signature and the soul leech and otherwise lots of minor damage spells (2d6 S3), the headbutt (which damages wizards) and in addition the ring of fire. Really hard. The goblins could choose one of my path attributes to use and choose all the attribute of fire.

I had fireball, shield of dark fire and the curse, in addition the ring of fire. But I didn`t expect to do anything because he would channel on 2+ and has a higher casting/dispelling bonus because of the lvl 4.



The thing in the middle are ruins, the house is impassable. There were also 2 hills, 1 forest and 1 pond.

I decided that it would be more of a problem if he knew where my biggies were deployed and dropped only 6 lugar. He took the chance and dropped the whole army in exchange for beginning the game.

After I saw his force I tried to hold the left flank with my Titan and the rest slightly on my right side to create an advantage there and to swing in to the objective later in the game.

Volcano and Engine right face to face with their primary targets, savage orcs and spider.

from left: Citadel, Inf. warriors, engine, lugar, volcano, titan, lugar and hobgoblins, behind them rocket launchers with Citadel/General/BSB/magus in the middle.


Magic was 7 to 4 dice and I realized the problem. He spammed me with lots of minor damage spells and tried to get rid of the volcano. I needed the cannon desperately and sacrificed my scroll.

His shooting did nothing, was lucky for me.

look at the far corner, chariot and 2 gnasher units try to come from the side (gnashers have fly (6)).


Magic did nothing (6/6 dice), but my Volcano hit the Orcs and killed 6 of them, Engine hit the spider with 1 shot (-1 lp, 7 left). Hobgoblin archer do 1 damage to left chariot.

I am not a brave player and didnt dare to move to near to the wrecking gnasher with the titan ;-). <br></i><br><br>_____________________________________ <br><strong>OG2</strong> <br>The chariot and gnasher riders on my left side charge the disciples. On my right side both gnasher units fail their charges ! <br>Magic 6/4, 2 spells kill 9 Hobgoblins and the "Headbutt" spell -1 lp to my general (Ouch!). <br>Shooting: Net catapult hits Titan, now he treats ALL terrain as dangerous and already dangerous terrain hurts on 1 AND 2. At rolling 4 dice for a monster this is really annoying. One stone thrower misfires (no more shooting this game), the other hits the Volcano but rolls a 1 to wound (luck for me). <br>Chariot and Gnashers kill the 6 lugar, Gnashers overrun into the Hobgoblins (which is bad, because I cant move out the wolfrider as long as they are bound in close combat).


Titan charges wolf riders, on the right side I try to redirect the spider and get some shots off and to bring the disciples in a good position.

Magic 9/7. Total power on a fireball against the Wrecking gnashers triggers his scroll.

Shooting: Gnashers on my right side are killed, Volcano burns away 9 Orcs and 2 Goblins. I couldnt manage to remove the wrecking gnasher which would really hurt me. <br>The Titan loses further 2 lp because of terrain tests after charging, killing and overrunning the wolf riders (3 left). <br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_201411_zpsz368i0v3.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_201411_zpsz368i0v3.jpg"></a><br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_202814_zpsy66otbza.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_202814_zpsy66otbza.jpg"></a> <br><i>after overrun</i> <br>________________________________________ <br><strong>OG3</strong> <br>Spider charges wolfrider, Chariot on my right side charges Infernal Engine. The wrecking gnasher rotates through the Titan (-2 lp, 1 left) and the volcano cannon (-2 lp, 1 left). Savage Orcs only reform. <br>Magic 7/7 does not much, only -1 lp at a rocket launcher (1 lp left, left one). <br>Shooting means a net on the Titan again and limits his movement options. <br>Close combat: Spider kills wolfrider, Chariot does 2 damage to Engine and looses 3 (hmpf).<br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_204146_zpsln1bdt44.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_204146_zpsln1bdt44.jpg"></a> <br><i>gnasher wrecking team moved towards ID table edge, touching Titan and volcano cannon</i><br><br><strong>ID3</strong> <br>Disciples charge the Orcs! Titan blocks out chariot and spider. <br>Magic does nothing, in shooting Volcano Cannon misfires and dies, the wrecking gnasher still lives... <br>In close combat the savage orcs with hero and wizard lose 8, disciples 9 men. Hobgoblins kill remaining gnasher rider.<br><br><i>picture couldnt be uploaded, sorry.


Left spider attacks Hobgoblins but they flee, Solar doesnt want to redirect in my Titan and fails charge. Right spider attacks the engine. Wrecking gnasher moves through Hobgoblins and kills all but the wolfrider. <br>Magic is 11/6, really hard. I have to dispel the Headbutt to save my general and the result is the signature death spell on the Titan came through and killed him. <br>In shooting the stone thrower kills one rocket launcher. <br>In close combat Engine and spider each lose 2 lp (Engine 3 left, spider 6 left I think) and the spider smart reforms to get out of the front arc of the Infernal Warriors. <br>Lugar and Orcs exchange some hits and the Orc lvl 4 falls down.<br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_213124_zpszvlneynx.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_213124_zpszvlneynx.jpg"></a><br><br><strong>ID4</strong> <br>Movement options are very limited. The Citadel guard on the left side do their job and shoot down the chariot. <br>In close combat the disciples die and the Engine dies, too (special poison attack of the spider with D3+1 wounds). That was definitely too fast.<br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_214548_zpsbyu7ppnx.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_214548_zpsbyu7ppnx.jpg"></a> <br><i>after movement of the ID</i> <br>_____________________________________ <br><strong>OG5</strong> <br>Spider charges General carrier from flank. Rest of the OG units move near objective. Catapults kill some Infernal Warriors now, magic (without the lvl 4 Orc) does nothing important. <br>In close combat the spider wins the combat by 4, but the Citadel guard hold their ground on a rerollable 5 (!).<br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_220031_zpsk2fpfelq.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_220031_zpsk2fpfelq.jpg"></a><br><br><strong>ID5</strong> <br>Right Citadel charge spider from behing. <br>Nothing important, Citadel do some damage to spider (4 left), spider is stubborn and stays, Citadel guard reform.<br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_222056_zpsaoemkfuu.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_222056_zpsaoemkfuu.jpg"></a> <br><i>after combat, generals unit had the shield of dark fire and spider attacked in the rear. spider lost the combat and stayed, but the generals unit could reform to have a better position.</i> <br>_________________________________________ <br><strong>OG6</strong> <br>Rock lobber hits rocket launcher (1 lp left), Spider loses combat but stays again (only 2 life left).<br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_222418_zpscnfcpjic.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_222418_zpscnfcpjic.jpg"></a><i> <br>both spiders and rocket launcher still on the table...</i><br><br><strong>ID6</strong> <br>Misfire kills my last rocket launcher instead of finishing the left spider :-). <br>Generals unit finally kills the right spider!!!<br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_224057_zpsm89cobqg.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_224057_zpsm89cobqg.jpg"></a> <br><i>final picture after 6 full turns. 3 scoring OG units at the table centre.</i> <br>___________________________ <br><strong>Score</strong> <br>1658:1249 for the Orcs and Goblins (12:8), he has the objective, so it is modified to 15:5 for the greenskins. Hashuts followers will return stronger next time!!!<br><br><strong>Conclusion</strong> <br>That was a really interesting and entertaining game, always a pleasure to play against Solar, which is a really nice and fair player. <br>He mentioned it would have been possible to field the lugar broader and to shoot the rock lobbers first, both is absolutely right. Apart from that I was satisfied with my playing and OG are definitely not easy to play against at all.<br><br>The adjustments I did after the last tournament helped somewhat, I wasnt wiped out by the OG.

Maybe I could exchange the dusk stone on the BSB for the Wizards Hood somehow. This would give me more flexibility on the spells and additional +1 to channel. And/Or the mask of the furnace instead of the dragon mantle. We will see.


Well Done, both in the game and the report. Thanks for sharing


Thank you. I have pictures of the whole game and took notes this time. This helped a lot ;).
Rest of the pics will be edited in the post until tomorrow morning latest.


Battle report finished now, beginning at post #23. Feedback welcome.


Really well done, you�?Tre general and his retinue held out against that monstrous spider like true Chaos Dwarves! When I saw it got the side all I could think was “Oh no they’re doomed!”. Not being more the vaguely familiar with 9th Age (skimmed the rulebook and army books for the armies I’m interested in) maybe this was no extraordinary feat, but from a thematic point of view its cool to think of them battling that huge thing, standing their ground, and eventually slaying it. Although that last shot with the second approaching spider is certainly ominous.

I�?Tm curious did the Volcano cannon under-perform this game? I understand war-machines can be pretty capricious. As far as I can tell the belching stream of magma kill a bit less than 20 green skins and this feels a smig short to me considering it looked like you had it in a prime position, or perhaps the volcano cannon is more for melting more elite troops?

It�?Ts a shame about the Kadaai Destroyer going down like it did, I imagine that massive awesome miniature gets focused really hard whenever you put it on the table (Can you blame anyone? It�?Ts very intimidating looking).


Thank you, my opponent did even better :-).

The Citadel guard are sometimes underestimated and the BSB was in there. They do some damage and T4, 4+ AS is not bad. If they face an opponent they can in addition stand and shoot without penalty, usually hitting on 4+.

The spider “only” has S5, no stand and shoot because it was outside the front arc.

The Spider had a relative good chance to wipe the Generals unit out, my opponent killed 6 Citadel guard in first turn. But I had the 2 standards, so I lost by 4, banner of discipline and “fear” by the spider meant a target number of 5, rerollable. I rolled a 4 :). Chance to make this rerollable roll is about 47% if I did the maths right. So, yes they were brave and the survivors will be rewarded with some slaves :hat off

Killing the spider is possible with S5 (the charge from behind even with S6) and it had only 4 life remaining as it moved into the CG.

At the moment I am really rethinking my core. The infernal warriors are not so bad and you can play very high numbers. With Banner of Nezibkesh a GW unit with say 35 or 40 men should be very stable.

Fuggit Khan:

It�?Ts a shame about the Kadaai Destroyer going down like it did, I imagine that massive awesome miniature gets focused really hard whenever you put it on the table

I'm curious how well the Titan/Destroyer does in 9th age?
I gave up years ago trying to field the Destroyer...any competent opponent can super easily redirect it and kill it.
I rarely see it in any army lists, probably for the reasons I mention...

So what are your thoughts regarding the Titan? Is it worth the points? Can it ever survive a game?


It�?Ts a shame about the Kadaai Destroyer going down like it did, I imagine that massive awesome miniature gets focused really hard whenever you put it on the table

I'm curious how well the Titan/Destroyer does in 9th age?
I gave up years ago trying to field the Destroyer...any competent opponent can super easily redirect it and kill it.
I rarely see it in any army lists, probably for the reasons I mention...

So what are your thoughts regarding the Titan? Is it worth the points? Can it ever survive a game?

Fuggit Khan
It is much the same as in WHFB. Often it gets redirected and/or killed and draws ressources. It is always a threat and a big game factor (and should be for 325 pts). Sometimes it kills a lot of things still and some people, especially those who rarely face Infernal dwarfs, are whining and say it is broken. Good players usually can take it out (for a price).


It is much the same as in WHFB. Often it gets redirected and/or killed and draws ressources. It is always a threat and a big game factor (and should be for 325 pts). Sometimes it kills a lot of things still and some people, especially those who rarely face Infernal dwarfs, are whining and say it is broken. Good players usually can take it out (for a price).


Short report Kingdom of Equitaine vs. Infernal Dwarfs

Daniel visited me with his Infernal Dwarfs and I didn`t want to play a mirror match so I tried my Knights of Equitaine the first time!

the infernal dwarfs (roughly)

lvl 2 forge, dispel scroll, flintlock, general

Engineer, wizards hood (lvl 2 death)

BSB on small bull, infernal weapon, war banner,sprout of rebirth, Ini potion, hardened shield.

20 hobgoblins, fcm, shields + bows

Ca. 28 Citadel guards, fcm, flintlock, flaming banner

6 Bull Centaur Anointed, shields, light lance, fcm

1 Titan Mortar, earthquake, Ogre Slave

1 rocket battery

1 infernal engine, shrapnel

1 Kadim Titan

(no redirectors)

My kingdom of equitaine

1 duke, general, questin oath, virtue of reknown (lethal strike), barded horse, fleshrender, hardened shield, duskstone, ring of fire

1 BSB, grails oath, might, dragon lance, dragonscale helm, lucky charm

1 damsel, lvl 2, +1 spell, talisman of roland, MR 1, barded horse, path of heaven

1 damsel, lvl 2, dispel scroll, obsidian pebble (MR 1), barded horse, wilderness

2 x 5 knight aspirant

13 Knights of the Realm, FCM, standard of discipline

5 yeomen

3 pegasi, skirmish, vanguard, SC, devastating charge

4 pegasi, barding, SC, devastating charge

7 Grail Knights, fcm, Stalkers standard

2 Trebuchet

We rolled classic deployment and secure targets (2 objectives to be laid down on the field, you see it as 2 circles on the pics.).


Please excuse the huge amount of unpainted models !

This report will be a little shorter because most of the game not much movement happened. And this time it is from the unfamiliar perspective of a ID opponent :).

In deployment I choose sides so he got first. He choose to drop everything to get first turn. that was what I wanted. I hid my grail knights behind the hill, able to go for the destroyer (divine attacks and the BSB, normally a sure charge) and my big unit with the general face to face with the Anointed. My Plan was to decimate the CG with the Trebuchets and take down the Anointed and Titan fast. My pegasi should care for the war machines and the BSB on bull.

After that my vanguarding Pegasi sped forward on my left flank.

Turn 1:

Daniel first moved reluctantly to stay out of my charge range, only the BSB moved to his left flank. The mortIar killed 2 knights.

In my turn  the yeomen raced towards the Titan, he should move only straight forward. Grail Knighs and Generals Knights moved a little in position for a possible charge. Pegasi on the right prepared to countercharge the BSB on bull, on the left they threatened all warmachines. I had good dice on magic but didnt make a 12 with 5 dice and Daniel could save his scroll. A trebuchet hit the CG and killed 5, the other malfunctioned.<br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20160817_195204_zpsxzmtgyks.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/20160817_195204_zpsxzmtgyks.jpg"></a> <br><i>after turn 1.</i><br><br>___________________________________________<br><br><strong>Turn2:</strong><br><br>He moved not very much. I lost my scroll. The Engine and rocket shot 1 Pegasus down and the unitfled&nbsp;&nbsp;to the left side. BSB came down my right side. The Citadel guard shot 4 of 5 Aspirant Knights. <br>Myself positioned redirectors in front of the CG, Anointed and Titan. Knighs moved forward for a certain charge. The redwood shaft (wilderness spell) hit the Anointed and killed 2 of them, but they didnt panic. Pegasi on left side flee further, on right side moving behind the house but with a good sight on the machines and the titans and Anointed backs.


He attacked the Aspirant Knights with the Anointed and failed the frenzy test for the Titan and charged the yeomen.

Magic lowered Str/T (death spell) and leadership (subjugation) of my generals unit. Yeomen and Aspirant Knights are killed. titan runs 6" forward.The Knights charge into the anointed and the grail knights into the side of the Titan.

The Anointed loose only 1 model and flee 10", pursued by the Knights who dont reach them. The paladin with the dragon lance doesnt wound the Titan and the grail knights do relatively low damage. The Titan makes his rerollable Ld check on a 3.

Turn 4:

The ID countercharge with the BSB into the side of the Grail Knights and with CG into the side of the Generals unit.

long story short:

The fleeing Anointed rally and come back to destroy the Equitaine Generals unit togehter with the CG.

Right pegasi and Grail Knights are in a fight with the ID BSB and the Titan. In the end only 1 Grail Knight , the Damsel and the Equitaine BSB survive this fight and the Titan is killed.

The left Pegasi rally and charge the Titan Mortar, but this stands.

So he lost only the Titan and a few R+F, myself lost nearly all but 1 Grail Knight, BSB, 1 damsel and 2 trebuchet. Including objectives the won 18:2.

(so bad news I lost, but good news ID won :cheers)



I had the feeling that my decisions were not bad but one important mistake which enabled a flank charge for his citadel guard. The fighting power of my lances was awesome theoretically, despite some bad dice rolls. Magic setup not really worked with pressure. Have to think about that. I need more impact. Maybe change to white magic or completely to wilderness. The Pegasi were great.

Trebuchets did nearly nothing in this game (only 1 “hit” symbol rolled at 10 shots (-2 because of misfires :-), average were 3).

The Infernal Engine on his side did a great job, as well as the citadel guards, think it was his most important unit.

edit: Dan mentioned he probably wouldn’t bring the Anointed in a tournament. They are a too good target :wink: .


Nice report thanks heaps. My only battles these days are “Vicarious” ones it seems


:):slight_smile: Thanks Abecedar. Thanks god painting and modelling is a huge part of our hobby and as important as playing (or more, depending on personal interests):cheers.

Daniel has an account here, he began to paint some of his models, they look awesome (hes a very good painter). Ill try to convince him to make an army blog.


Time for a new report, again with Infernal Dwarfs on my side.

My opponent Volker brought a very interesting army, a monotheistic Demons of Lust army (known as Slaanesh in the old days ;)). Sadly nearly none of them were painted yet, they will look so great in the end!

At the weekend I`ll play at a little tournament nearby (only 18 participants, but tough, already 4 top players registered) and I wanted to test the Kadim Incarnates and the gunnery team I painted lately. Because I knew I would play against Demons I added the holy icon for my BSB (opponents and the unit where the banner is in have to reroll Ward saves).

ID list:

Lords: -

Heroes (470)

Hobgoblin Chieftain, Wolf, lucky shield, light lance    63

Magus, General, Hardened Shield, Ring of Fire, Tome of Arcane Lore,  Lvl 1 forge    120

Magus, Dispel Scroll, Engineer, Lvl 1 fire    135

Vizier, BSB, Dragon Mantle, lucky charm, shield, infernal weapon, holy icon   152

Core (630)

28 x Citadel Guard, Flintlock, M, S, C , flaming banner, 501

13 x Infernal Warriors, Shield,  M, S, C    129

Special (1025)

21 x Disciples, Great Weapon, M, C 335)

Infernal Artillery, Volcano Cannon, bound demon    195

Infernal Artillery,  Titan Mortar, ogre slave, 150

6 Kadim Incarnates, Fly    345

Rare (375)

Light Artillery Gunnery Team, volley fire 50

Kadim Titan �?�325


Demons of Lust list, roughly:

no Lords


1 Harbinger, general on steed, several offensive magic items, lvl 2 shadow, gives +1 to hit to unit

1 BSB on foot, dispel scroll, lvl 2 shadow

1 Harbinger on foot, +1 to hit on unit, lvl 1 lust


2 x 15 Sirens (Daemonettes), FCM

30 Sirens, FCM


9 steed riders

6 claw beasts (monstrous beasts)


2 x 5 Gargoyles

2 x 1 Shrine of Temptation (gigantic chariots on monster base with impact hits d6+3, give all friendly units in their combat +1 to hit, move 10!)

Strong magic (2 times shadow is tough for me) and a really fast hard hitting army with no shooting.

Magic: He had 2 debuffs from shadow, the 3" template which kills models on failed INI-tests and a buff which makes a unit wound automatically.

I had fireball, shield of dark fire, breath of hatred and the ring of fire.

We rolled flank attack as deployment and “secure target” (2 objectives placed on board).



I won choice of deployment and choose attacker. This way you have 15" zone on the sides and 9" in the middle. I wanted to build up a corner where my mortar could stand.

He had 15" in the middle and 9" at the sides (Defender).

He choose to let me deploy first. We dropped each 2 units and then I deployed everything to get first turn.

I concentrated on my corner, Volker distributed his units over the whole deployment zone.


I switched the Incarnates and disciples, that the disciples could stop the big chariot. The Titan and the Citadel guard moved forward a bit. A fireball with miscast killed 4 gargoyles but my engineer killed half his carrier unit and I rolled two times 11 and they ran from the table! (so I played with -10% points and without dispel scroll from there). The Mortar hit the big sirens unit and killed 7 - that was very good.

engineer with warriors running off the edge

Mortar hit in sirens


He moved a little forward but stayed out of my most gun ranges. At my left side he claimed the objective with one small sirens unit. His lone gargoyle moved in front of my disciples. Obviously he wanted to direct them on the hill for a charge with his biggies. Magic was out of range.


Further positioning. The disciples charged the gargoyle. The mortar killed 4 sirens. The disciples ran through the gargoyle (whick killed 1 disciple :sick) and stood on the hill, awaiting the impact of the demons.


Claw beasts and big chariot crush into the disciples. The disciples loose 10 and kill 2 claw beasts, but thanks to unbreakable they stand. steed riders loose 4 to a miscast.

steed riders miscast template kills 4


Titan charges into claw beasts. Some more movement on left side. Titan and disciples grind down the claw beasts and the chariot.


the remaining Sirens with hero charge the Titan (holy moly, very brave).

At the demons table edge there was the BSB in the small unit.

Summary of rest of the game:

The decimated steed riders stay behind. All demon units on my left flank stay out of range of the flintlocks, volcano cannon and gun team.

They kill 4 incarnates with the “shadow pit” spell. On the right side the disciples loose their last man after killing the claw beasts but the titan kills all sirens including hero and moves forward.

The demons save their battle standard by moving it out and sacrifice the rest of the unit to the rampaging Titan. The demon units on my left flank group around the objective. My citadel guard secure the right objective (much more important than the lone BSB). The remaining 2 Incarnates fly back, away from the demons.

We played it smoothly in easily less than 3 hours (6 full turns).

Score was (for me surprisingly high) 1494 : 599 for the Infernal Dwarfs. I enjoyed the game very much and so Volker did.


The incarnates had no combat but are very mobile and because of their immunity to psychology it is no big deal if one or two get shot. Definitely a good unit.

The gun team had no chance to prove themselves. Maybe next time.

The titan mortar with ogre is very strong, its hgh points cost is justified in relation to the rocket.

Army composition is good but scoring units are not enough. I was lucky that I could move the Citadel guards to the objective in last turn, otherwise I would have lost a lot of points (only 11:9 then).

Volcano Cannon did not much (again). Maybe I change that to a second Titan Mortar :yar.

In the local league there is only 1 game left to play, maybe I have a chance to play for first place, depending on the other scores (not yet played) :).


Another fun battle report! Its also great to see an all Slaanesh army, mono-god is rare as is but I think Slaanesh must be the scarcest of them all (which is a shame, I really love allot of the miniatures, especially the fiends and riding beasts. So surreal and nightmarish).

It seems to me like he really over committed to that far corner, he would have stood a much better chance committing more to the meat grinder and trying to overwhelm the center point. I’m not awfully familiar with 9th age but i assume all Dwarves a are bit on the pokey side and would have little chance of crossing the board to contest that far point with just some token resistance to slow them up. perhaps I’m underestimating the threat of your Incarnates though.

Also you forgot an important highlight, your Kadim Titan lived! and mopped up a bucket of uppity daemons while probably acting as a massive deterrent to enemy positioning all over its half of the table. I really love the model and I’ve found myself rooting for it every battle report.

Go Titan! :hashut :hashut :hashut

looks around to make sure Fuggit isnt listening
Also I was curious, I noticed you don’t use any Hobs. Are they any good in 9th age? not really your play style? maybe your just not a fan of hobs?