[Archive] Underground wars (T9A infernal dwarves� battlereports - Demons of Lust vs. ID))


Hi there,

I plan to post here some pics of my upcoming 9th Age games. In our local league we play 2500 pts battles and changed ruleswise to T9A recently.

The next game is scheduled today against Dread Elves. Lists are open at start of the game. I expect the Dread Elf to bring big infantry blocks, magic, bolt throwers.

I`ve got a stable and defensive tournament list and adjusted it a little bit. I try more disciples of lugar this time and a 25 blunderbuss unit. This is my list:

2500 Pts

Lords: -

Heroes (547)

Hobgoblin Chieftain, Wolf    55

Hobgoblin Chieftain, Wolf    55

Magus, General, Hardened Shield, Ring of Fire, Tome of Arcane Lore, Engineer, Lvl 1 forge    145

Magus, Dispel Scroll, Lucky shield, Engineer, Lvl 1 fire    140

Vizier, BSB, Dragon Mantle, Dusk stone, shield    152

Core (715)

10 x Citadel Guard, Flintlock, M,S, Banner of Discipline    190

10 x Citadel Guard, M,S    165

20 x Hobgoblins, M, S    95

25 x Infernal Warriors, Blunderbuss, Shield, M, S    265

Special (688)

20 x Disciples of Lugar, Great Weapon, M, C 320

6 x Disciples of Lugar, paired weapon,    78

Infernal Artillery, Volcano Cannon    120

Infernal Artillery, �?~Rocket Battery    85

Infernal Artillery, Rocket Battery    85

Rare (550)

Infernal Engine, Shrapnel Guns    225

Kadim Titan 325

Feel free to ask or comment.

edit: Changed title to “Underground wars”, because most of the battles are played in a small room in my cellar ;).


Game Preparations:

My opponent Chris showed up and played the following List:

Dread Elves 2499 Pts

Lord, General, 3+/4++, ogre sword

lvl 2 mage, dispel scroll, ring of fire (mistake, just realized it; maximum allowance exceeded), black magic

Priest on cauldron/altar

30 core spearmen, banner of courage

14 crossbowmen

2 x 5 Core riders fast cav

5 harpyies

5 acolytes (fast cav, spell casting)

30 tower guard, banner to reroll failed to-wound of 1 and 2 (horrible!)

1 Kraken, alpha predator

2 repeating bolt throwers

He had black magic spells: Moraecs Fury, Freezing Gale on the lvl 2 and the acolytes always have Crippling Agony and Wicked Lash (Path of Lust).

I had the fireball (how surprising) on the lvl 1 fire and the Flames of the Forge and Shield of Dark fire on my general, lvl 1 forge.

We both had the ring of fire.

We rolled classic deployment and breakthrough as secondary objective.

The Infernal Dwarves won the roll for picking sides. and I chose the side with a hill and a forest.

general and bsb in Citadel guard behind Titan. Hobgoblins in forest.

general in tower guard, painted unit top of the pic, lvl2 mage in crossbows, bsb=altar, one bolt thrower is just ON the hill


After deploying sone single units I deployed my whole army and chose to go first.

Turn 1:

Infernal Dwarves:

I began to reposition my units. Thankfully triple march movement helps a lot. His infantry would need two or three turns to get in charge distance and he obviously wanted to avoid the ruins in the middle (dangerous terrain). My volcano was a little exposed on the hill and I moved it back down for cover, it would do nothing anyway first turn and the angle was not much worse from there.

I had 9 magic dice. He let through a fireball on the acolytes but saved all wounds, otherwise no effect.

In shooting I could take out 2 and 2 of the fast cav with hobgoblin archers and infernal engine and hit the Kraken with a rocket (-3 lp).

after moving

Dread Elves

Acolytes charge hobgoblins, the greenskins flee and acolytes fail the charge. 3 riders position to redirect Kadim Titan. Magic 3:1 dice, but no effect. Bolt thrower hits rocket battery but only -1 lp.

hobgobs on the run, acolytes stuck in the open

after movement dread elves turn 1

Turn 2

Infernal Dwarves

Titan charges riders. Charge 20 disciples in tower guard failed. I moved to get into position and redirect the Altar and/or the tower guard. Magic was 6:6 dice but a lucky roll with a fireball made him use the dispel scroll. All shooting at the Kraken (Engine, Volcano, Rocket) and it finally died. The Titan ran through the Riders.

after moving ID turn 2, Kraken and Riders in contact with Titan still there

after close combat; Titan didnt touch the Acolytes</i> <br><strong> <br>Dread Elves</strong> <br>He chose to charge the 6 disciples with tower guard AND Altar. <br><i>This caused him some problems later on.</i> <br>Charge with Riders on volcano cannon failed (distance 19"). He positioned the spearmen and flanked the Titan with the Acolytes, so the Titan could make no charge. <br>Magic: The Acolytes had total power for giving the 6 disciples -1 S and lost the spell (Crippling Agony). <br>Shooting: He killed 5 of the Blunderbusses with Boltthrower and Crossbows. <br>The tower guard with General and the Altar killed the 6 disciples but then it was very difficult to move. He eventually decided to overrun with the altar and pivot the tower guard. The altar overran 8" into my 20 disciples block.<br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160727-WA0025_zpskkf5z6n5.jpeg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160727-WA0025_zpskkf5z6n5.jpeg"></a> <br><i>Riders failed charge on Volcano cannon</i><br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160727-WA0029_zpsz629blh9.jpeg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160727-WA0029_zpsz629blh9.jpeg"></a> <br><i>Overrun into disciples; the green paper means "+1 S"</i><br><br>__________________________________________________________<br><br><strong>Turn 3: <br>Infernal Dwarves</strong> <br>I tried to move the Engine and Blunderbuss in better positions and reorganised the other units (hobgoblins 4 ranks). I could not charge with the Titan but moved him in front of the spearmen to block their way. I also moved a hobgoblin wolf rider in front of the tower guard and tried to redirect him in the rear of his altar :-). I moved my Engineer out of the CG and between the rockets (mistake). <br>Magic: 8:6 dice, Acolytes save 2 wounds from fireball, Total Power fireball on left riders and they die, the mage looses his lucky shield to the miscast effect. The engine doesnt hit the boltthrower but the volcano cannon hit the tower guard with the 24"/S1 shot and luckily took out 2 of them. One rocket misfires (jammed for turn 4).

The disciples receive the impact hits from the altar and some attacks (-7, 13 left) and do only 1 wound on the altar.

after moving, sorry for the blurry pic :frowning:

Dread Elves

Tower guard charges wolfrider. Harpyies in position to redirect titan. Acolytes in my right flank.

Magic: let through +1S on the tower guard (mistake) and shooting without effect (repeater shots at my lone mage hit, but only -1 lp)

Close Combat: The disciples only lose 1 man and kill unexpectly early the Altar. The tower guard kills the wolfrider and repositioned.

after moving, Hobgoblins rallied in the meantime as you see.


Infernal Dwarves

The remaining disciples took the chance to get into the flank of the tower guard. The Titan charged the Harpyies. The hobgoblins bravely (!) charged the Acolytes hopefully driving them away. Otherwise repositioning. Now I knew already I woulnt fulfill the objective because my scoring units were too long bound in my deployment area or the middle was blocked. I moved out my Engineer from the Citadel guard. <br>With some shooting and fireballs I could reduce the crossbows to 6 + lvl2 mage. <br>The tower guard more than halved the disciples (remember +1 S, the dread elves special banner is hell, too) and lost some of their men, then repositioned to face the disciples. The Titan ran through the Harpyies but stood there without good options, another turn lost for him. My opponent Chris had done a good job there. The hobgoblins lost 5 to the Acolytes and did not 1 damage. So the Acolytes won the combat by 1. Hobgoblins steadfast and near the general held their ground.<br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20160727_234226_zpsxrrvmzwh.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/20160727_234226_zpsxrrvmzwh.jpg"></a> <br><i>(after close combat)</i><br><br><strong>Dread Elves</strong> <br>The spearmen advanced a little. No movement otherwise. <br>Magic was not relevant. The bolt thrower and crossbows again killed some blunderbusses, 15 left now from 25. <br>The tower guard took heavy losses but terminated all disciples and then made a pivot (no pic here, sorry). <br>Hobgoblins lost more and more men.<br><br>__________________________________________________________<br><br><strong>Turn 5 <br>Infernal Dwarves</strong> <br>I positioned everything to shoot at the tower guard with general. <br>The remaining wolf rider was positioned behind the last hobgoblins to prevent a charge of the acolytes in my generals CG unit. The Titan prevents the spearmen from advancing further. <br><strong>Maximum output of blunderbusses, volcano, 2x Citadel guard and engine on the tower guard kills them and a rocket kills the general.</strong> Second rocket kills bolt thrower. Acolytes kill the hobgoblins.<br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160728-WA0001_zpstaael3op.jpeg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160728-WA0001_zpstaael3op.jpeg"></a> <br><i>ID preparing the <strong>tornado of destruction</strong> for the remaining tower guard who lift their halberds to protect their prince. Look at various artillery, blunderbusses and citadel guard units, all have the opportunity to shoot the hated Longears.</i><br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160728-WA0003_zpsljo9pgkt.jpeg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160728-WA0003_zpsljo9pgkt.jpeg"></a> <br><i>After shooting.... <br></i> <br>Dread Elves: <br>Acolytes charge wolfrider and kill him. Reposition.<br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160728-WA0007_zpslutc6zkc.jpeg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160728-WA0007_zpslutc6zkc.jpeg"></a> <br><i>after close combat</i><br><br>__________________________________________________________ <br><strong> <br>Turn 6, both players</strong> <br>Crossbows were hit by a rocket and flee, but rally in last turn. <br>Titan charges spearmen, but they stand steadfast. <br>Acolytes lose 3 to shooting, but stand.<br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160728-WA0009_zpsewqtwdcn.jpeg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160728-WA0009_zpsewqtwdcn.jpeg"></a> <br><i>The End.</i><br><br>Eventually 16:4 for the Infernal Dwarves. <br><i>edit: None of us managed to break through and to get objective points. Chris for obvious reasons and my scoring units were bound to defend and could not leave for the other table side. <br></i> <br>Thanks to Chris for a nice game.<br><br><u><strong>Conclusions:</strong></u> <br>The Titan killed not much but protected my right side ok. The blunderbusses are some bodies, but damage output is less than CG (think of it). Without the disciples I probably wouldnt have killed the strong tower guard, but I also lost 320 Points there (think of it, switching back to more control with immortals?).

Hobgoblins would be better if 25+.

Infernal engine, magic setup, small Citadel guard, Hobgobchieftains and small Disciples worked perfectly.

List worked out and I also had some luck on the dice rolls, especially in important phases. Chris did well, regarding that he had nearly no T9A experience.

Situation of the game:

2 things had major impact. In turn 2 the death of the Kraken - if I couldn`t hit him he could have caused lot of trouble - and the double charge on the small disciples with tower guard and altar, which determined where the main combats were fought.


First report is finished. I hope somebody will take a look at it :-). Feedback always welcome.

A fellow player promised to send me some pictures of a tournament match against highborn elves, that will probably be next.

Fuggit Khan:

Very nicely done report, easy to follow and I like your analysis per turn. I also like the dish/bowl that you roll your dice in (I hate dice all over the table…my friend Chad is one of those guys who throws dice up into the air and lets them fall everywhere, knocking over models, etc).

I’m not familiar enough with 9th age rules to comment on game play, except the followIng:

Acolytes kill the hobgoblins.

Sadness :frowning:
Hobgoblins would be better if 25+.

20+ years of playing Hobgoblins has convinced me to never leave home with less than 50 per block.

Also interesting to note the points values in 9th age as you listed them…mich better balanced than LoA it would appear.

Thank you Hood for sharing your report, I really enjoyed it :hat off


Thank you Fuggit!

Balance is one of the key aspects of T9A and I can fully recommend it to any Warhammer Player. Some changes for the Infernal Dwarves from 8th edition.

Artillery was made a little weaker but points adjusted. Kdaii Fireborn much better and playable now (Kadim Incarnates). Destroyer/Titan nearly the same, less movement, non magic wound rerolls only at 6es, can loose only 1 wound at test. Infernal engine a little weaker but also significantly cheaper. Fighting warlord as choice available (on giant bull possible), also Hobgoblin bolt thrower, slave orcs and a old/new unit: Disciples of Lugar, daemon possessed berserkers. Magic items a lot weaker (but this is in general for most armies). <br>And an important general army rule change: All ID march 3 x movement, get +1 S on charges and no penalty for stand and shoot.<br><br>All rules for free: <br>http://www.the-ninth-age.com/?simple-page/<br><br>And yes, I would love to bring more hobgoblins, perhaps even a complete hobgoblin core. But I lack some models for this, Ive got 80 or so at the moment, trying to get some more. So if anybody want to sell amounts of 5+ and reads this: PM me :-).

The small Citadel guard with flintlock (former Infernal guard with fireglaive) did very well by the way, not only this time but every game. There is a tendency for a lot of chaff now and they can deal well with such troops.


Nice read mate! Looks like you guys had fun! How do you like the 9th age??? Is the game good/balanced, you had a blast whilst playing it???


Nice read mate! Looks like you guys had fun! How do you like the 9th age??? Is the game good/balanced, you had a blast whilst playing it???

Yes, it was fun. I played now about 20 T9A games altogether, included 14 tournament games (8 with Skaven/vermin swarm) und last 2 tournaments with Infernal Dwarves.
Feeling and complexitiy is mostly like 8th edition but extremes are cut, special-special rules like one page for hell pit abomination or iron demon are clarified and reduced so that gameplay is smoother.
Lots of rule improvement in all sections: Special rules, magic, war machines. Much more army book choices playable now, lots of more entirely different builds out there because of this.
Secondary objectives influence victory points so it is not recommendable to simply stay in one corner.


Damn! Is there a map for active players in Germany? I shoul probably bring my army here :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you feel about Infernal Engine? Mine is always underperforming, with both the melee or ranged setup, partially due to the “only charging with random movement” thingy


In my first games I had the same feeling. But now I think it is very, very useful and very good balanced. You can charge and shoot in normal front arc now. You can charge at the beginning of regular movement due to random movement.
The shooting is very dangerous for cavalry and single models with multiple wounds (edit: and also multiwound units like minotaurs or skullcrushers). Most of the time I shoot 1st turn at some vanguard unit and then at a monster or chariot (or multiwound unit).
Due to the 1d3 grinding attacks fast cavalry wont bind it eternally in close combat how it sometimes was before in 8th. You should still avoid big infantry tarpits but that should be no problem because of the mobility.<br>Last turn I often moved him in the front of a strong unit to block them completely. At full life he rarely gets down in one turn.<br><br>Steamhammers variant: Never played it but here it is also very good that 3d3 grinding attacks work against EVERY opponent not only infantry (which made the skullcracker useless in 8th). Ill test it when I have built my FW model for it :-).

And don`t forget: Both variants are only 225 pts (ok, “only” S6,T7,W7)


Those are the points I didn’t liked :stuck_out_tongue:

Random movement means the average charge is 10-11, not bad, but not geat either

With range 18, almost everytime you’re shooting at long range, and with BS3, that means hitting on 5’s (God bless having Quick to Fire, or it would’ve been 6’s :stuck_out_tongue: )

And the shooting isn’t THAT dangerous tbh, 1D6+2 is 5.5 shots (Let’s take 6), 6 shots at 5’s means that only 2 actually manage to hit, with S6 you’re going at 2’s to wound, you should wound with both hits

Don’t know, I dont find it bling-bling enough. We don’t have a lot of cool options in rare (Kadim and Hobgoblin wolf riders, that’s all), but still…

Not questioning your list, I’m just explaining my experiences with it (But I’m a better theorycrafter than player, I should become a coach hahaha)

:hat off


No problem :-).

Surprisingly often you shoot at 4s at short range. Normally I shoot. Enemy moves forward. I dart out a redirector. And shoot. Enemy kills redirector and turns. I shoot.

That would be 6-7 hits, maybe more at short range, 10-12 wounds should result of that. You can often kill a chariot in one turn. Especially in combination with flintlock axes, rocket batteries, volcano cannon.

2 hits on a vanguard fast cavalry unit usually means a panic roll.

And it cannot misfire  (only -1 BF if you roll a 6 for shots).

It worked very well for me the last 4 games.

(Certainly in 8th edition it was even better with S/T/W 8 and sometimes 10 shots, but it costed +100 pts).

edit: normally I prefer not to fight in close combat (except there is a nearby target who can be destroyed with impact hits).


Battle against Jimmy Grills Highborn Elves

A guy of my player group organized a tournament nearby with 18 people. I have to say that I lost all matches in my previous tournament with an experimental no-magic list and was not going to do this again. The tournament was on July the 17th, so please excuse if I don`t remember everything.

There were some players from southern Germany, some of them really good, as my opponent JimmyGrill from Munich. He made pictures because he makes great battle reports on TTW, a german tabletop forum and was very generous to provide them for this report. This is his battlereport thread in German:

The 9th Age Experience - I spui mei Spui - Schlachtberichte - TabletopWelt

Sadly his army is not fully painted yet because the paintjob has an enormous quality, you can perhaps get some impression from the distance pictures of the spearmen or the vanguard riders. He also has a painting and hobby blog. Nearly every painted model is converted as well.


We agreed to play against each other before the tournament, this is possible for the first game of most local tournaments.

His list should be this one:

++ Highborn Elves (Standard (1501-3999pts)) (2499pts) ++

    + Lords (395pts) +

    High Prince (395pts)

    Master of Canreig Tower [Great Weapon, Level 1 Wizard Apprentice, Light Armour, The General]

    Magic Items [Gemstone Amulet, HBE - Great Bow of Elu, Mithril Mail, Wand of Stability]

    + Heroes (296pts) +

    Commander (191pts)

    Queen’s Companion [Dragonforged Armour, Longbow, Moonlight Arrows, Shield, Spear]

    Battle Standard Bearer [Flaming Standard]

    Magic Items [Dragon Mantle, Lucky Charm]

    Mage (105pts)


    Level 1 Wizard Apprentice [Path of Alchemy]

    Magic Items [Dispel Scroll]

    + Core (630pts) +


    Citizen Archers (165pts) [15x Archer, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer]

    Citizen Spears (240pts) [Champion, Musician]

    25x Spearman [25x Light Armour]

    Standard Bearer

    Veteran Standard Bearer [War Standard]

    Elein Reavers (90pts)

    5x Elein Reaver [5x Bow, 5x Mount’s Protection (6+)]

    Highborn Lancers (135pts) [Musician, Standard Bearer]

    5x Highborn Lancer [5x Mount’s Protection (5+)]

    + Special (628pts) +

    Lion Chariot (100pts)


    Lion Chariot (100pts)


    Lion Guard (202pts) [Champion, 11x Lion Guard, Skirmish]

    Standard Bearer

    Magic Standard [Icon of the Relentless Company]

    Sword Masters (226pts) [Musician, 13x Sword Master]

    Standard Bearer

    Magic Standard [Stalker’s Standard]


    + Rare (550pts) +

    Frost Phoenix (200pts)

    Giant Eagles (50pts) [Giant Eagle]


    Giant Eagles (50pts) [Giant Eagle]

    Grey Watchers (90pts)

    5x Grey Watcher [5x Longbow]

    Sea Guard Reaper (80pts) [Repeating Shot]

   Sea Guard Reaper (80pts)

My list:

(The list was somewhat defensive, I definitely wanted a strong stubborn control unit and chose the Immortals. This way I could split my flintlocks in three units to guard my war machines and one with the gleaming standard to possibly fight for secondary objectives)

Magus, lvl 1 forge, Tome of arcane lore, ring of fire, hardened shield, General 120

Magus, lvl 1 fire, engineer, scroll, lucky shield 140

Vizier, BSB, banner of courage, dragon mantle, dusk stone, infernal weapon, shield 172

Hobgoblin chief  on wolf 55

3 x 10 Citadel Guard, fliintlock ( 1x M, 1 x M,S, 1 x M, S: Gleaming Icon)

28 Hobgoblins, bows for shields, M,S

(Core 625 pts)

2 x 6 disciples, GW

25 immortals, CMS, nezibkesh

2 x Rocket battery

1 x Volcano Cannon

1 x Infernal engine, shrapnel

1 x Kadim Titan

2497 pts.


He had a lvl 1 metal and his general had all 8 signature spells.

I had fireball on lvl 1 fire, shield of dark fire and I think flames of the forge on general, lvl 1 forge. The general also had the ring of fire.

We rolled flank deployment and breakthrough. I chose sides and also to be the attacker (this means I could deploy 15" into the board at the flanks and only 9" at the middle third). I chose this because I could deploy better in my chosen corner then.



HBE on bottom side of picture from right to left: 2 lion chariots, scouting grey watchers, archers with lvl1, swordmasters with bsb, general, white lions, you see also the 2 bolt throwers and the fast cav, 2 eagles and the big thing is the frost phoenix. The reavers had a vanguard move. He was allowed to move 15" forward in the middle section as defender in our rolled deployment.

Not on the picture are the 5 highborn lancers (=Silver Helms), deployed on his left table edge.

ID on top side: I cornered and used the forest and the hill to give me some protection from his strong BS shooting. My lvl 1 fire engineer was placed near my rocket batteries and my other chars with the immortals. The disciples were mainly thought as redirectors. I think I put down everything early and went for first draw. There were not much options to deploy. I could hide the Titan at the beginning and knew that I could normally stop the chariots. One Citadel unit was placed to perhaps slip through for the breakthrough :wink:



Infernal Dwarves

I moved about a little forward and if I remember right I hit 2 times with the rockets - Hashut was with me :hat. I wounded a chariot and the grey watchers who lost 1 man and ran away (one problem less for the moment). I hoped to hit therm because I was anxious they could possibly threaten my war machines.

Highborn Elves

The elves moved hard forward and a metal spell took some life from my infernal engine.


turn 2


I fired with the engine and the rockets and killed both chariots and I think one of the eagles. The hobgoblin archers and citadel guard took care of the Reaves on the hill (I think killed all).


I think the highborn lancers attacked the CG but turned and fled because 2 men fell from stand and shoot. His shooting killed 2 disciples and I think the engine lost life again through shooting of the heroes or a metal spell.


turn 3


Here I made a very risky gut decision. Engine should have fired at phoenix and disciples should have stayed back. But I decided to shoot at the skirmishing archers (no effect) and to charge (!) the frosty with 4 remaining disciples :-). I didnt want the phoenix to fly right into my centre and thought at least one of the Lugar followers would hopefully survive. <br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/battles/thumb_IMG_0996_1024_zpsnctmjlsd.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/battles/thumb_IMG_0996_1024_zpsnctmjlsd.jpg"></a> <br><i>The 4 disciples are hidden by the frosties wings. You see already the chariots and the first eagle missing.</i><br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/battles/thumb_IMG_0995_1024_zpsncpivnrl.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/battles/thumb_IMG_0995_1024_zpsncpivnrl.jpg"></a> <br><i>The titan collects all its power and slowly draws back, waiting for the final command from his master... <br>I moved him back for possible countercharges and was also out of range of the white lions who have 2H weapons with multiwounds(2) against monsters...</i><br><br>The disciples were (very) lucky. My son threw the dice for me and killed the ice bird. The disciples overran in direction of the archers. So I was not punished for this risky move :-). <br>I must have hit the archers including the mage with a rocket/fireball or both. Some of them were on their way to the elven gods.<br><br><strong>HBE</strong> <br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/battles/thumb_IMG_0998_1024_zpskbak4hbs.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/battles/thumb_IMG_0998_1024_zpskbak4hbs.jpg"></a><br><br>The HBE noble wizards raise their voices and call down the energies of metal magic - the engineers of Hashuts followers only manage to dispel one of the dreadful spells and the infernal engine melts down to a heap of useless metal, burying the crewmen who cry from agony. <br>The dangerous close combat units moved and changed positions to prepare their assault, especially the lions on the titan. <br>The silver helms rallied near the left HBE table edge and if I see it right he somehow had killed my volcano cannon. <br>______________________________________________ <br><strong>turn 4 <br>last turn due to time limit. <br>Infernal Dwarves</strong> <br>The general of the dark dwarves used all its presence and commanded the Kadim Titan and remaining 2 disciples behind the hill out of range of charges, magic and shooting. The 4 other discples charged the rest of the mage carrier. <br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/battles/thumb_IMG_1001_1024_zps8g8vsqip.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/battles/thumb_IMG_1001_1024_zps8g8vsqip.jpg"></a><br><br><strong>Highborn Elves</strong> <br>Jimmy moved the Highborn Lancers in the left corner of the pic in my deployment zone for getting the objective, the spearmen in the middle could have done this also. Everything else is out of reasonable charges. <br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/battles/thumb_IMG_1002_1024_zpsefhgogax.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/battles/thumb_IMG_1002_1024_zpsefhgogax.jpg"></a><br><br>Sadly the game was over after this turn. Jimmy had hoped to reach my lines with his hard hitting troops. It would have been interesting to see how much the immortals and titan could have done against the elite troops of the elves. <br>I had an advantage at victory points (13:7) but Jimmy won the objective and it was a draw (10:10). <br>Thanks to Jimmy for a pleasant gaming experience and keeping calm despite some extraordinary dice rolls on my side;).<br><br><strong>Conclusion: </strong> <br>There was some luck in shooting and with the disciples but principally the basic idea worked out. The Titan drew much of the elvesattention to one side without getting caught. In the meantime my artillery did a good job. The immortals didnt fight but I didnt have to think about losing a few of them and could place my general in my front line.  After my last hard losses I was satisfied with this score against a very good player.

(Rest of the tournament was a 17:3 win against Beast herds and a 5:15 loss against my friend Martin with O&G. I was at rank 8 of 18 at the end)

I hope everything is right but It is already 2 weeks ago and I had no notes.


Ok, above report is finished. I hope to play one or two games in August and maybe post another report, maybe with a totally different list.


Thanks for the nice report Hood! Too bad about the objective. Starting to itch in me, better read that 9th age book.

Is it printable or still often updated?


Nice to hear:cheers.

No, the 1.0 Version from 30th April will not be changed until September (earliest ), probably later.


Nice to hear:cheers.
No, the 1.0 Version from 30th April will not be changed until September (earliest ), probably later.

Yep, they aim to release a 2.0 in February, which is going to stick for years. Meanwhile, they will focus on releasing all army books with background & proper artwork. They also plan to release a Mercenary (and other races) army list in 2017.

You battle reports really made me itch for a Warhammer game... Which part of Germany are you from?


From southern Germany, Bavaria, near Nürnberg.

If you send me a pm perhaps I can help you.

Tournaments in Germany are nearly all registered on T3, a tabletop tournament site. players are listed there by zip code and you can pm one in your area.