[Archive] Unit Filers for Chaos Dwarfs?

Groznit Goregut:

Hello All,

I have finished a large Orc and Goblin army over the past two years. One thing that I love about it are all the crazy conversions and unit fillers. Some people use unit fillers to just reduce the number of models they need for a unit. Other times you can use unit fillers to add character to a unit. It can have the same number of models or even more than it takes up. I happen to like adding character.

With that in mind, what can I do with Chaos Dwarfs?  I have some of the old big hats and soon some Mantic ones. I was thinking of going with the standard cork bases with lava. I have great ideas for a display base, but what about the units, themselves?  What can be a good filler?  I don’t want to throw in a bull centaur or an Ogre slave. Maybe for hobgoblins, but not the CD’s.

The only thing I can think of is some ruins, like a pillar or something and the CD around/on top of it. Put out some evil bits like ruined, metal weapons or lanterns on spikes. Maybe some chaos icons stickin out of the ground on poles?


I actually did exactly that for my CD.

Using some home made bases and some chaos icons I made some kind of Hashut’s Altar :



I’ve got a chaos dwarf chasing a hobgoblin who must have sneaked into the ranks for a bit of stealin shiny stuff.

Thommy H:

I’ve seen Ogres, as you say, Death Rockets in units of Blunderbusses, one of Willmark’s Warrior units has a few guys holding up a petrified Sorcerer, and Bassman has a couple of units that are more Daemon-engine than they are Dwarf!


I have the limited edition Warhammer Forge chaos ogre as a unitfiller for my CC-unit, and use the limited edition ogre bruiser (festooned with pistols) as a unitfiller for my blunderbusses…

But, in a unit of shooty-troops, you could place a CD bazookateam on a 40mm base as a unit filler.

For warriors, you could use a minotaur or an ogre, or something like that…

I find scenery-pieces as unitfillers very pretty, but I don’t really like it, seeing as marching troops won’t pull out those hedges or walls to take with them, whereas a monster would just walk along with them…

That aside, CDs are slavers… so you could put anything from every army in there as a unitfilller, just think up a suitably cool story to go with it :slight_smile:


I use a demon with a sorcerer on top, a hero on a cerburus, a chronopia beast rider and two swivel guns with crew and (for my not finished Titan Wargames CD unit) a Reaper Elemental as unit fillers! :cheers

My CD Templedog riders are also possible unit fillers! :smiley:

You can also use minotaurs like the awesome Hasslefree one!