[Archive] unit filler advise


I just purchased and painted 50 lava bases and I need 2 unit fillers for them maybe a small volcano 50 mm base or a crystal any body have any ideas or pictures that might inspire me




I would be a smart ass and show you the cover of Dianetics, but that just seems like trolling.

I would go with a pushed up lava shelf with a CD on it pointing forward.


I would have laughed,and thats a good idea.I had just finished painting my lava bases and asked my wife what she thought.She said they look like blood you need a volcano or something and it just deflated my whole day.And I got stuck for an idea ,pleas more



Am not brave enough to do lava bases myself but an up-thrust rock shelf or ledge is an obvious and really good option. Individual pools of lava taking up half a dozen bases worth of space would work, or another more ambitious one I’d thought of was a river of lava running through the unit that could be made up in sections not just a whole block

did a filler over on Da Warpath for a painting comp and was thrilled to realise a filler doesn’t have to be square, when others put in fillers than were 6 bases long and only 1 wide.


Not square or straight line is a good idea,I didnt even consider that thanks. Anyone else

Pretty please with sugar on top


Da Crusha:

I would go with a small volcano, with lava pouring out. I wanted to do an eruption type thing but my friend, who wins best army awards, advised me that was too over the top. I would put it on either a 40mm base, 2x3, 2x4 or 3x3. personally I wouldnt go any bigger or smaller.