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Ive recently Decided i dont think ide be able to create as many chaos dwarfs as ide like to have in my list, so wondered what everyone else uses as Unit Fillers, im thinking of having a mortar or something along those lines in the middle of a unit of Blunderbussers. Perhaps an Ogre chaos dwarf in my unit of warriors.

Thommy H:

Put two or three models on a 40mm square base doing something interesting. Unit fillers are fine in principle, but just sticking a totally different model in the middle of a unit is bordering on laziness. As with all things in Warhammer, stuff that saves money, time and effort is fine as long as it’s not totally transparent that that’s why you’re doing it - at least pretend that there’s some aesthetic reason for using your unit filler.


I generally just use 40mm bases to make mini dioramas or centrepieces for the unit.

For example I have a CD with a whip on a rock (on a 40mm base) in one of my Hobgoblin units.


a chaos dwarf throne discussed in another thread (https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/10663) would be a nice unit filler.


Chaos Dwarf Throne/Palanquin



Ogre/Troll Slave


Idol of Hashut

Dramatic Lava

Essentially, fillers can be anything, but the more space they take up, the better they need to look.


For blunder blunderbuss maybe two guys one on his knee with the oth firing over his shoulder add some rocks and maybe a dead body and you have nice unit filler.


Chaos Dwarf Bazooka and Mortar/Petard crews are also quite fantastic for Blunderbussiers. Though I must admit I’m still at a loss for how to construct a Chaos Dwarf Bazooka team without extensive scratch-sculpting, unless Marine arms look ok…

Kera foehunter:

this would look great with your blunderbuss

she even has a deamon power canon


In my Orc unit I have a Bully with a whip standing on top of a large rock formation who takes the place of 6 normal Orcs since GW so cleverly only gives you 19 Orcs per box. It actually looks rather impressive as the Orcs themselves are decked out in chains I bought at a hobby store to make them look like slaves being led into battle.


Well, for myself I use a Troll slave with a slaver whipping it(BFSP Troll and Slayer, converted) in a unit of 2-handed dwarves. Do work fine!


I have been considering putting a Iron Golem in my warrior unit… but am still debating it but it is more for the fact that it would be one model to paint as opposed to 4… LOL…

Kera foehunter:

a iron golem would sound cool for a cd army filler servius


I had just a thought …

what about terracotta-warriors? :o

You can use the “normal” plastic BigHats and can paint them as statues!

IMO it will look great, will be easy and fast to paint and this would be very unique!

Perfect unit filler … or a perfect unit!!!



Is someone reading Carpe Nocterm… theres a whole army thread about just that…



What is Carpe Nocterm?

Have you a link?



I will have an ogre in every unit in my army, all of them having masks. With my warriors they are equipped for combat, with my blunderbusses they are leadbelchers and my black orcs have an ogre carrying their CD master on a shield. For my Bolt Throwers I also have huge crossbow-wielding ogres. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

come on Servious give us a link !! you tease