[Archive] Unit hit by 2 Earthshakers


I am not sure if this has been discussed before - apologies if it has - however - what happens if a unit is caught in the blast area of 2 earthshakers in the same turn ? The EarthShakers rules state

‘Troops move at half-rate in their next turn’ so a unit with M4 caught in the zone of 1 clearly is at M2, but if it is caught in the area of another one - RAW means it woudl now be at M1 - note that the EarthShaker rules do not state ‘if hit by one or more’ so there is no explicit exclusion on this.

Thoughts anyone


I would say it is not cumulative. That’s my gut instinct, and how I’d play it.

It say “move at half-rate” so my inclination is that it simply moves at half speed. Now the Earth shaker penalty does stack with rough terrain penalty (M4 figure would move at 1 if Earth shakered and in woods)


I normally play it so that a unit hit by an earthshaker effectively has it’s base move characteristic halved. Hence, if it is hit by another earthshaker it makes no difference as the characteristic has already been halved.

That’s just how I do it, mind you. But I think to have have multiple earthshakers which stack their slowing movement ability would just ruin the game for your opponent.


I totally agree that stacking the penalty would make it very unpleasant for your opponent and this is all very theoretical from a personal perspective as i almost never take 2 - however i have a feeling that you could quite easily under RAW claim that it stacks as there is nothing that indicates to the contrary



Thommy H:

Yeah, I wouldn’t play it as cumulative. It’s never come up because I only have one, but it would seem pretty open to abuse if you started quartering, then possibly eighthing units’ movement.


Its pretty easy to abuse with 2 earth shakers and a hobgoblin hero on a wolf

Unit starts at M4

March Blocked by hero

Hit by Earthshaker No 1 = M2

Hit by Earthshaker No 2 = M1

Now you could easily do this to 2 or more units - effectively stopped them from moving at all all for under 300 points - seems highly abusive but technically legal :hat off

Hashut’s Blessing:

See, RAW is down to interpretation here as it neither says halve their current rate of movement, nor does it specifically state half-movement value. However, my interpretation of the RAW, as well as the gamesmanship version, is that it halves their movement value.


Also on another note - are flyers affected ? - again no specific exclusion is stated


Correct me if I’m wrong folks, I thought the CD FAQ said yes… or am I just having memory issues again?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yes, they are. It doesn;t exclude them, nor state ground movement. If yopu want a fluff reason, say their take-off is disrupted or they try to regain their footing before flying. After all, it is stated that the Fly rule represents a glide wherein they take-off and land at the beginning and end of the movement phase repsectively.


Thus making it the only thing that slows flyers down in the whole of warhammer - there are plenty of things that preclude flying movement but this to the best of my knowledge is the only thing that slows their movement rate down


So be careful, if you’re playing “keep away” and blasting with magic on a Lammasu (and/or march blocking) or running wreaking havoc with a Great Taurus (and/or march blocking)… you might get slown down too!

Hashut’s Blessing:

There are a few things that prevents them using their flight move, but I think you could be right :wink:


Don’t stack the move penalty. It’s just so very wrong.


it just ruins the game and not only for your opponent, at least that is how I see it, a game is beter when it is a challege

Time of Madness:

Say NO to stacking!

Makes for a less enjoyable game had by all. And as others have stated it is easily abused. It is so easy to make a defensive based CD army (lots of magic/bolt throwers/earthshakers). I only condon this against cheesy Tzeentch daemon armies :wink:

Time of Madness


Yeah stacking= equals your opponent wanting to slap you and rightly so. This isn’t 3rd or 4th edition D&D.


You mean 2nd or 4th edition D&D (3 & 3.5 are pretty sensible).

Stacking is just sick and wrong. As for flyers, you could also think of it as the concussion of the sonic wave that might come from a massive shell that is enchanted with the essence of demons.


I thought 2 Earthshakers was pretty mean in of itself, but with things getting tougher these days…

I’d honestly rather spread my Earth shaker shots out if I took 2… even if they did stack. I’d rather have more of the army at half speed, then a little at quarter speed anyways.


I'd honestly rather spread my Earth shaker shots out if I took 2... even if they did stack. I'd rather have more of the army at half speed, then a little at quarter speed anyways.

I find its better to disrupt the enemy by slowing parts of the army rather than the whole - this lets me fight the opponent in parts rather than as a unified whole.

This thread has been interesting as it demonstrates that the players that post here are not of the WAAC mindset but prefer a hard but fair game.