[Archive] Universal Special Rules for CD?


What do you think of these:

NOTE: These rules does not apply to hobgoblins, mounts, Battleragers/ Iron Golems or Bull centaurs.

Iron Will  

As harsh as the environment they control, Chaos Dwarfs flee 2D6" -1 instead of the normal 2D6"


Chaos Dwarfs must Pursue an enemy if they can (as they pause to steal anything of value and mark wounded enemies as their own slaves), but if their pursuit is successful their actual movement will only equal the result of the unit they caught. The Chaos Dwarfs also receive +15 VP for captured standards.


Chaos Dwarfs Hate Dwarfs.

[edit, ignore this part.   I went with hatred instead]Chaos Dwarfs are barbaric and sadistic by their nature.  They are de-sensitised to violence and the horrors of war, as such they are not shocked by things that would send many of the lesser races running.  Chaos Dwarf may re-roll their first failed break test of the game.

They don’t have that WOW factor, but they would be fairly balanced?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Iron Will should also affect pursuit. As for Slavers, it should read as must always pursue, but their maximum pursuit distance is equal to the fleeing unit’s flee distance. Instead of +50VP for standards, maybe if you give the unit shackles (+1pt/model or, like, +20pts+/unit) any units they catch give +100VP afterwards. As for the “Damned” rule, people may find it difficult to keep track etc without using a specialised marker. Maybe, instead, have hatred towards normal dwarfs or no other special rules…


The first two seems nice. The third could applied to any of the Warhammer armies or at least the chaos armies. You could replace it with some kind of advantage against OaG or even low leadership armies to show, not only that they fight against them but also that they capture them as part of their every day life.

Having hatred against dwarfs is a good idea, but in that case, shouldnt the dwarfs hate them to ?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I wouldn’t say against just greenskins. Dwarfs deny their existence, chaos dwarfs hate the dwarfs because the dwarfs abandoned us to die. (In our eyes anyway.)


I couldnt agree more with you. But for the sake of the rules, what would be best? hatred for both or for one? The “damned” rule could replace the hatred, but only when facing dwarfs.


Hatred for Dwarfs would be good fluffwise.  It would also help us fight them better with fewer artillery/ missile units/ elite infantry.


Just because one race hates another, doesn’t have to mean they hate them as well.  I think being bitter and twisted to Dwarfs, plotting their destruction behind our unassailable walls (evil laugh) could be very appropriate.

On the Slavers one, what about changing it to +20VP per banner?

So basically keep Iron Will, modify the Slavers a little and replace the entry for Damned with Hared for Dwarfs?


Sounds about right, getting rid of damned in favor of Hate Dwarfs. Damned would also have created a balance problem especially if you planned on making any units in the army stubborn. Might label them the “Never Breaks” of the warhammer world.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think that new set will work well. Thinking of playtesting them?

Lord Zarkov:

Iron Will needs to be flee and presue, it’s a question os phisiology after all

Slavers seems rather unecessary to me, Druchii would go for the slaves as well but don’t have such a rule and it would be fairly inefficiant to haul the slaves round for the rest of the battle, far better to round up scattered remanets. I don’t see CD chasing things down when it’d put them in a bad position, they’re cunning and organised, not beserkers.

Dammed seems merely over-the-top; espeicllay with our high leadership

Hatred against Dwarfs sounds a good idea.

Also ‘Ignore Hobgoblin Panic’ should be present

I would also put foward ‘Proud’: May not join slave (inc Hobbos) units

All these rules bar Iron Will should also apply to Bull Centaurs IMO


Heres is one for your consideration Herr Grim Stonefire.

If a sorcerer is included in your army he must be the general (note: for this to work the sorcerer must have the same Ld as normal chaos dwarfs). Chaos Dwarfs units may use the leadership the Battle Standard Bearer if within 12" of the Battle Standard Bearer. (maybe even let a lord level be a Battle Standard Bearer).

What do you think?


In my modified listI have a character called a War Priest, who is a lord level character mounted on a palnquin.  I could say that he can also be the BSB by having it attached to the back!  Benefits are that it saves you points if you’re short, downside is the effects are all only located around him, and he’s already expensive…

Anyone who kills a priest would cause all CD to suffer Eternal Hatred for them.