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Border Reiver:

Get your armies together my fellow brave generals! Warhammer Realm is preparing to start their 4th online campaign - The Ashes of Eranon.

The story will pick up after our recent success in Albion where the mighty Dawi Zharr - lead by my very own Lord Kurgan Grudgebearer propelled the winning faction to victory. We’ve now earned our spot in the fluff, and I could definitely use your help to keep us there.

The crew that is bringing this campaign to you is none other than myself, Kurisawa, and Vampire Duke, all of whom have run online campaigns before.

Come join the fun - I’ll have the slaves bring the cookies and beer (Kera, we’ve got rum for you). Hashut’s Blessing - I think we can bake you a cake…

Border Reiver:

And as a teaser - here is some of the fluff for one of the factions:

"The Chaos Dwarfs, however, formed an alliance with the Raiders and were instrumental in winning a victory over Albion. Now, however, the Worshippers of Hashut have turned their eyes towards Araby, hoping to plunder its cities and lay waste to its land.

Noting their folly in the previous war, the Daemons, Beasts, and Men of Chaos have allied themselves with the Chaos Dwarfs. Surely, an alliance of all the Ruinous Powers will have no trouble crushing whatever stands in their wake in the arid reaches of Araby. "

We all know whose going to come out on top of this faction - don’t we?

Kera foehunter:

keep me posted i might give it a try


hi there…

I am interested, as, strangely enough, my warhammer activity has gone up in recent weeks. I wish there was a way to get a hold of Criti. I can try to provide as much support as I can, and we can get teh other active Mods on board as well (surprisingly, quite a few. They just need some prompting. Everyone is quiet and/or busy right now).

I believe Kurisawa is around somewhere. Lets see if he pops up as well.

Kera foehunter:

could you pm me with more B R


Seems interesting since I just recently dug out my dwarfs and after putting them together with the recently bought ones I have a 4k point army. So I think I might march over there and fight in the name of the Ancestor Gods.

Border Reiver:

The crowds cheered as the winged bull landed on the third highest tier of the ziggurat. The slaves knew that not to cheer meant a severe beating and a dangerous work assignment, while the Dawi Zharr wished to honour the accomplishments of one of their own.

Not looking left or right, Kurgan Grudgebearer strode into the Holy Forge, his steel shod boots clicking on the polished obsidian floor. He walked to the ancient anvil set in the middle of the chamber, and grasped the sacred Hammer of Hashut, and struck the Rune of Doom �?" the sound seeming to ring through both time and space. The dim glow of the forge twinkled off the many gilded and silvered plates of his armour and the many accomplishments engraved on his tall helm.

�?oYou have done well Lord Grudgebearer, the Council is pleased,�?� the voice came from the Darkness, �?oYou have brought new wealth and resources to our forges, and a 1,000 beards of the Betrayers for sacrifice. The taunting of the Betrayers at Barak Varr for the failure of their �?oReckoner Lord�?� was well done. You shall receive a new helm to detail your accomplishments and a new mission.�?�

�?oThe Council does me much honour, but I thought I was to direct the new lands on Albion?�?�

�?oNew developments in Araby have shown that there are previously unrealized quantities of oil there. This will power our industries for centuries to come, and you will lead the forces that will get it for us. Some of the followers of the False Four and others are also there, you will act with them, for now, to get control of the key sites our daemonsmiths have identified as being particularly rich in resources. The lesser races are seemingly looking for another trinket in that area and this will be an excellent cover for our plan to get the resources of the area.�?�

�?oI am, of course, at your disposal. Shall I call on the resources of the Council, as my personal resources are still in Albion to fund this expedition, or have other clans been made ready to provide troops and machines?�?�

�?oBoth �?" some of your subordinates may be using some new formations. There are portents that Hashut may reveal a new plan for us, but until he does we will continue to carry on as we have always done. You will come to the Temple of War and Darkness on the morrow to discuss the preparations with the Council. For now, you must receive your new honours. �?o

Kurgan looked to the source of the glow and saw a shadowy figure holding forth a magnificent tall helm, engraved with the accomplishments of his life, scenes from the War of Albion and the conquest of Oochness adding to the height of the headdress. Kurgan moved to the forge and cast his old helm into the fires intoning the ancient chant, �?oAs this metal is reforged in the Fires of Hashut, so my soul is tempered in the Flames of War. My deeds are Hashut�?Ts, and to his forge I return them.�?�

Kera foehunter:

Nice !! very nice Mr Reiver


A kind response to your fluff Mr. Reiver…

Grudges Against the Gods

Border Reiver:

Better join the fight in the Realm.


Better join the fight in the Realm.

Border Reiver
Already posted in the topic on warhammer realm. Eagerly awaiting the start of this campaign. And hoping to further develop my character and hopefully we can have a friendly rivalry.
:hat off

Border Reiver:

I’m doing up some of the scenarios for this one, but what army I end up playing will depend on who shows up for the campaign - I may end up as my Bret Lord Sir William D’Aula, or reprise my role as Kurgan Grudgebearer.


I'm doing up some of the scenarios for this one, but what army I end up playing will depend on who shows up for the campaign - I may end up as my Bret Lord Sir William D'Aula, or reprise my role as Kurgan Grudgebearer.

Border Reiver
Well that's cool. As long as there something for me to kill and grumble about I don't care. :cheers

Border Reiver:

Alright, the campaign terrain rules have been submitted, scenarios later - and no, I’m not giving sneak previews. Unless, I’m authorized.

Kera foehunter:

Back on topic guy !! we need more imfo About this ! ok !!

Border Reiver:

Alright the way the campaign will work is fairly simple:

a. We the campaign organizers work like slaves in Zharr Naggrund to get the website up, come up with campaign rules, maps etc. Then we announce the sign up date;

b. Lots of people sign up for the various factions - the “good guys” get one, and there are two “not so good” factions - the CDs falling into the “corrupt Conquerors” faction with the rest of the Chaos scum;

c. The start date for the campaign arrives and we start fighting, each faction will have its own forum on the site to plan its strategy and to log their games - the last three campaigns we’ve set the limits at 3 games per week. The games are registered in a certain map region, and the wins and losses are totaled up and the faction with the highest number of campaign points for that map area controls it;

d. The factions will be “moved” to different areas as the campaign progresses, and it is possible to have a faction eliminated if they lose all their territories (the dwarf/elf faction in the second campaign was eliminated due to the loss of all their territories at the three week mark.);

e. After about 5 weeks or so the campaign will end and there will be a winner declared.

Weekly updates to the campaign fluff happen based on the results sof battles posted and the battle reports posted by the players. Taunting of the other factions (as long as it stays good natured) is encouraged, and rivalries definitely develop. I managed to get the CDs into a position where they could be seen as afecting the campaign in our last one by:

a. Taunting the main dwarf player and reffering to him and calling him “The Betrayer” throughout, in addition to a rely in his fluff section where I offered his general some red hair dye, a razor and pig grease (hey, his faction was driven off Albion, utterly failing);

b. Posting my wins as narative battle reports to get them into the campaign story and relating them to the fluff;

c. Being active.

For previous campaigns some people have created “recruiting posters” which was really fun. I’ve got a CD related one for this campaign that I’ll post once we have a start date. Some of the previous ones I did were:

Looking to see you there!

Kera foehunter:

thanks !! so what are all the factor

dwarfs ,cd men ??

Border Reiver:

There are 3 factions:

The Heroes of Justice - Empire, Bretonnia, Dwarfs, HE and WE

The Malicious Masters - DE, VC, OK and TK

The Corrupt Conquerors - DoC, BoC, WoC, Dawi Zharr, and a DOW general has indicated he wishes to recieve his pay here.

Don’t look at me, I didn’t pick the names, besides my Bret lord is more of a “Edward Longshanks” than a “paragon of virtue and chivalry” - I mean someone has to collect the ransoms after the fight.

Border Reiver:

Ladies and Gentlemen - the website for the campaign is nearly ready to go live. Get ready to sign up and conquer in the name of Hashut!


I am ready and thank goodness I have finished my dwarf army and officially gotten it up to 4,000 points. Time to kick some chaos arse!