[Archive] Upcomming Chaos Dwarf models list


Hi all, I’m going to dig through the forums here and see if I can’t come up with a list of the models that are so far unreleased and those that have release dates. I’m going to put them on here and update them on this first page as the dates come up.

TrollForged Miniatures
Rozmax’s Dwarfs - Test miniatures awaiting painting before release.

Blood Bowl/Warhammer Chaos Dwarfs - release "July/August if we are lucky"

Sjoerd’s “Missing Greens”- Miniatures have been seen in green, but remain unknown if they’re going to be cast up.

Scibor’s Monstrous Miniatures
Moscals - Boyars (Warriors) and Strieloks (Blunderbusses) release dates are unknown, the next Moscals release will be the, so far unseen, “Grunts”.

Forgeworld Chaos Dwarfs
Still in the early rumor stage, nothing has been seen and nothing has been confirmed.