[Archive] [Updated 12-29-10 with pics] Alex's Chaos Dwarf Epic Journey


Over 12 years ago I got into Warhammer Fantasy playing good ol’ fashion Dwarfs. After a couple years I started branching out into Wood Elves, and eventually in 2000 I decided to build a Chaos Dwarf army.

I Was sick of ‘good guys’ all the time, and everyone and their dogs had a Skaven or Chaos army in my town, so I went with a rare army choice. I am the only person I’ve ever seen to collect CD figures, and after a few month binge on EBay I had a healthy contingent.

I Painted up my 20 man CD Warrior unit first, followed by a Lord on a Taurus and 5 Bull Centaurs. I totally fell in love with hobgoblins so I painted a command group, one archer, and one warrior, along with 22 Sneaky Gits.

Supplemented with Dogs Of War RoW, I was able to field 2000 points.

After playing a couple of games, my lord was stolen by some punk kid, and Dogs of War became my main army, the Chaos Dwarfs along with most of my fantasy army were lost to oblivion. Over the past decade I’ve only played a few times, my DoG army was silly and unstoppable and often my opponents only score a half dozen wounds before they army was decimated to the man. It wasn’t much fun for people, and my buddies game store closed down.

A couple weeks ago my best friend started painting, I dug through the old Warhammer boxes and found out exactly what I had to paint, and today slapped paint on some figures for the first time since 2005. It was daunting but glorious! I’m painting up a Doom Rocket with crew (awesome models too! never really looked at them) 12 Blunderbusses, a CD Command group, and Astrogoth. It used to take me only a few hours to put out 10-15 quality figures, but I have a feeling this first batch will be quite an event for me!

I’ll have some pictures either tomorrow or the next day of what I have painted, and WIP pics of our setup!


Awesome… now just get that Taurus back from the punk kid!


Thanks for stopping by. Just the lord got stolen I still have the Taurus!!! I have to strip down the other riding lord to repaint lol. Though I guess since we will be playing 6th edition magic might be a heck of alot more important.


Ok to start off some old bull centaurs from the turn of the century and a few of my old black orcs. My figures are based in red lava rock the others are from my buddies Orc and Goblin army.

These are my sneaky gits, i love this unit!

Here are my CD Warriors with my dinged up Taurus in back.

And finally my Blunderbusses WIP. Only got the drybrushed boltgun metal and bronzed flesh on, but they should be done along with Astrogoth and a doom rocket and crew inside a week, though Halo and work might get in the way of that goal!


Hey guys, I finally finished my blunderbusses though I need to base them. Here is a pic! Next I’m thinking ill paint up astrogoth and a doomrocket set. Then its on to my Black Orcs. Including the model from warhammer quest, the full set of the old black orcs from 94, Irongut, and the 200 Gamesday boss. It should be the coolest unit ever. I sort of fail at photography they look better in person lol.


Nice collection you’re getting there. Good paint job as well.