[Archive] Useful bits for CD converters (European Bitz Catalogue)


I’ve gone through the downloadable European bitz catalogue pdf (look for it on the UK online store, not available in the US yet and it only has European prices) and picked out things I think will be useful for CD converters.

Some notable things:

The catalogue is a bit random, some armies have one main section and then the odd bit scattered somewhere else.

Some armies have loads of stuff, others have virtually nothing.

No DoW Hobgoblin models at all, although several other RoR.

Some bits packs are surprisingly good value for what you get, others are really bad value.

Most miniatures in it are mail-order-only (some are singly available via mail-order but are only available as part of box sets in the stores).

I’d recommend that you go through yourself since there are plenty of things that you could use just for CDs, wolf replacements, greenskin slave alternatives, Taurus conversion parts…  I can’t wait for them to put the full catalogue online as a pdf (I’ve heard there is 200Mb worth).  They say that they are going to expand the bitz catalogue over the next few months, so hopefully there will be some more useful stuff available soon.

p7 Dwarf Adventurers (old style character conversions, includes the Ninja and Samurai Dwarfs)

p17 Hellcannon (duh)

p50 Chaos Space Marine Shoulder pads (masks)

p51 Grots and prisoners (slaves)

p52 Stormboy Rocket bits (Death Rocket conversions)

Numerous Orcs and Goblins, Orks and Grots, other Dwarfs on various pages.

New conversion idea:

Lammassu (Sabretusks p43, Bloodthirster wings p44)  File off cat-style nose and sculpt on dwarf-tyle nose.  Add curly beard and mane.  Possibly replace rear feet with hooves.  Add wings.

I’m considering drilling out the middle of the World Eater shoulder pads (they have gaping mouths wide open) and using them as partial masks, but it might be quite a bit of effort or simply not work well at all.  I suppose I could paint the centre part as if it was glass with a gloss finish.