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Da Crusha:

Hey guys I discovered this mini not too long ago. it is made by mage knight minions and is called a dwarven bombard. I bought it originally to put in my blunderbuss unit but after looking at the position I realized it can also be used for some other things, like pulling a warshrine or pulling a shackled monster into combat. I cut the mortar off his back and I think a few of them with head swaps could be a useful mini for a characterful unit filler. I just thought I would share since Im sure a lot of you guys might want to attempt a conversion like this. its about the right scale and he fits nicely on a 20mm base.


he’s cool, but where would you put the hat?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmm, I just got an idea… :slight_smile:


he's cool, but where would you put the hat?? ;P

Isn't that a Big Hat he's carrying on his back:cheers?


one hell of a hat! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Da Crusha:

Ha! thats funny, I guess thats a hat conversion waiting to happen! another idea I had was to change different things he’s carrying like in blood bowl for example I could have him carry a die kinda like this conversion I did



hoist the mega… hat… onto… .my… …head

Da Crusha:

Here are some scale pics:

anyone thinking about using this guy?