[Archive] Using a CD Lord on foot


I’m thinking of how using right a CD lord on foot after having taken a CD sorceror lord.

In 2000-2500 pts games, they match.

But why taking a CD lord when we have a CD hero with the same leadership…

So as I was getting a look to french dwarf new tactics, I saw a great idea for a Dwarf lord (on shieldbearers) : in 5-6 hammerers with standard. In column of two minis wide, with the lord in the second rank.

When being in close combat, thanks to the rule “faites place” (don’t know what is the good translation in English), the lord comes to the first rank, and win by himsef the close or is stubborn thanks to the hammerers.

As this tactic is not very known, many players get owned.

Why this post ? : even if we don’t have access to hammerers and in particulary shieldbearers, we can have a CD lord with crown of command, with a good save (armour of furnace or armour from the Rulebook + talisman and enchanted item). In Chaos dwarfs warriors by ten with standard and in column of 2 wide.

Can it be useful? What do you think of this idea? Ideas to improve it?


the point that the hammerers are behind the shieldbearers is becouse if the hammerers are gone the lord is no longer stubborn. (what a way to be a sport)

If you use crown of command, then theres no reason not to let your warriors fight, whether they’re there or not you stay stubborn.

or you could let your lord run on his own :smiley:


As Grupax says, why bother with the warriors if the Lord himself is stubborn? Just charge him out of a unit, or march move up to enemies.

The point of the Hammerers tactic is that it minimises damage against them (thereby protecting the stubborn rule) and forces people to hit the Lord (which no one does, given the choice between him and squishy rank and file).

Its also worth noting that a CD Lord is nowhere near as unkillable as a tooled up Dwarf Lord (Master Rune of Steel, Rune of Preservation, Rune of Resistance, etc).

Stubborn Lord on Taurus is fun though :slight_smile: As is a stubborn BC Lord.