[Archive] Using White Dwarf Presents monsters?!?


Is anyone ever tempted to have a go at using the monsters from WDP: CD???

I know that obviously RH is a lot more logical, as it’s based on the 6th ed selection rules. But the random monsters in it are quite cool imo.

They would require you to either invent some rules, update the old ones or find the new equivalent.

Why they thought to include all the monsters/ swarms they had ever invented for Chaos Dwarfs is beyond me. Probably because the book was thrown together.

Swarm of frogs for instance?!?! Nasty. :slight_smile: The cockatrice was the giant chicken wasn’t it?

Which of the mounts in the book would be the best?

Using the current rules the hydra would be good, but the Emperor Dragon would be awesome as well. The fact that your general would probably cost over 1000pts could be an issue… :wink:


If I recall correctly, every army book had every monster in it in the older editions. So you could conceivably have an emperor dragon and a swarm of frogs in a Dwarf army.

While I subscribe to the school of thought that suggests every army should have a cockatrice in it (anyone remember that great old battle report in WD with the “Death Chicken”?), I think it was generally a good thing that GW got rid of the monsters in every army book. I dunno about adapting 3rd/4th edition monster rules for current use.

Except for cockatrices.

Da Crusha:

actually I remember in my gaming group we banned the monsters section of the book. at that time, whenever we brought monsters it completely changed the game and really became monsterhammer.

Thommy H:

Yeah, it was standard for every book. Even Bretonnians and Dwarfs got roughly the same selection (there were some differences - good armies tended to get things like griffons and eagles while evil armies got giant spiders and manticores). It was one of those options that was pretty much the first thing to go in Jervis’s first set of Grand Tournament rules which went on to form the basis of the future editions’ army selection rules.


I remember at one point, when I was young and dumb, making an army list with a Forest Goblin Warlord on an Emperor Dragon. Ah, the days of 5th edition…

Border Reiver:

Even back in 5th ed I only ever used the Taurus or Lammasu for my CDs. I contemplated having a goblin or orc shaman on a cockatrice once, but didn’t think to try any of the other monsters.

As to redoing the monsters for 7th ed, that could probably be done reasonably quickly - maybe even in an afternoon.


It was one of the best ways to fill out a Goblin army without buying hundreds of models! I think CDs had nearly the whole list of monsters, more than most other armies anyway

I had been planning for years to get a giant scorpion for my CD general to ride, but couldn’t find the model


The closest I think you’ll come to this is the back of the 6th edition High Elf book which has rules for quite a few monsters in it. Updated rules sound interesting and could make a fun project, maybe a future artisan’s theme?


Thanks AGPO!

I happen to have this book.

A mechanical scorpion would be cool as a themed mount…

A swarm of fire-breathing dark lands toads…:idea  The lesser creatures of the dark lands would be an interesting study for WoH actually.

Gar Shadowfame:

all armies in 5ed had “monsters” section which could use up to 25% of the army points


Squadron of Cockatrices for the win! 5th edition was crazy.


I still own a cockatrice miniature. Temptation…