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Hi all, I walked into my spare room late last night to find a heavy wooden shelf holding all my boxed games (space hulk, necromunda etc) had collapsed and taken out everything below.

I havent had the courage to sort through the devastation yet but first glance shows a destroyed FW warhound, FW chaos dragon, shadowsword and a bunch of scratch build IG bikers. Theres probably more under there.

Am honestly gutted.

Anyone else had a disaster like this before?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I am so sorry to hear that man :frowning: Was the stuff insured? That way, if it’s irreperable, you may be able to get the money back to buy new ones.

I, personally, am very fortunate to have not had such an accident (left a case on the bus before, but phoned the bus company and got it back).

However, some people on here have lost stuff to flood damages and fires before.


NOt yet (touch wood), but i do have some huge shelves and the only shelf the models make sense to go on is the bottom (so you can see them)

might put a few more ‘safety screws in soon’ Gulp!

Thommy H:

Nightmare. All my figures are in glass Ikea display cabinets and they don’t feel stable to me at all (I hold my breath every time I open the doors…) but I know from having put them together myself that there isn’t a way they can just spontaneously collapse. Still, I’m gutted for you - it’s every hobbyist fear that furniture will betray them.


Ouch, hope the damage isn’t as bad as it looks :frowning:

I only have one shelf and its pretty sturdy. The rest of my armies sadly have to live in boxes and carry-cases as I don’t have the space.


Some 10 years ago, I still lived at my parents’ place, and I wasn’t so fortunate to have a gaming table… Me and my friends, we used my bedroom floor.

During a long and epic battle, we decided to call it a night, and continue on the day later.

Ofcourse, we hadn’t really counted on my mom coming in during the morning to place some laundry on my desk. In the darkness, with my curtains shut, she placed her unprotected foot squarely on my metal greatswords, called out in pain and surprise, and hopped on her other foot, landing on my metal reiksguard knights.

After that, I never (nor was I allowed to) played warhammer on my floor again.

Not really the force of nature that struck you, but I can feel your pain.

Sorry to hear it mate…


that has got to suck, i think the worst thing that has happened to me was when my dwarf army was thrown in the bin, that was when i was living at home…a while ago now but the pain is still there…


Well I have two stories, not as dramatic as that one well maybe one is:

I was walking out of the house with a large gaming case, I forget what brand, it was made to hold two stacks GW foam side by side, but it wasn’t a gw case. Anyway the army I was carrying was all metal the case weighed a bit. It had a shoulder strap and a regular handle to carry. I had other stuff in my hand so I was using the shoulder strap and one of the rings for the shoulder strap hooks broke. The whole case crashed to the concrete. I went back inside and opened it to find most of the minis in pieces. So it wasnt a tough fix, just lots of time of re-gluing. The suck part was I was leaving for a tournament, so needless to say I was unable to attend.

The second was a friend of mine had his entire Tyranids army in the trunk of his bmw. He had let his wife borrow the car, and somehow she managed to flip the car on I-275. So there were little nids all over the highway and the Beamer was trashed. As soon as the hospital said she would be alright he was out on I-275 trying to recover genestealers and lictors, to no avail of course…the bugs had been thoroughly and soundly defeated.


Lost a dogs of war army in school, it was stolen from the lost property office, so I got to claim it off the school insurance.

It was mainly oop stuff (this was about 10 years ago) so i had to go with the old rrp (gits)

So i only got price, and i had to buy stuff with it, not simply claim the money :frowning:

So hence my rather ‘‘fat’’ Empire army. about a 10,000 point roughly :smiley:


Came downstairs one morning to find my 5 year old son had painted swathes of my minis with tipex:- about 12 marines, a dreadnaught, a SM captain, all 5 SM scouts, a land raider, chaplain, my eldar rangers, an orlock gang for necromunda, a few dire avengers, warhammer armies: The Empire, my first conversion attempts at CDs (yes, all of them), my carpet, the dog and a few of his own toys. I suppose I could have recovered a few bits, but I just chucked it all (except the dog!). Man I’m sorry for your loss.


@starscrea,: Holy. Crap. I feel like I shold send flowers - especially after seeing the proces of those peices on the forgeworld site. That SUCKS.

I really hope some green stuff and and superglue can resurrect the damaged models… Best of luck!


Well I braved a look.

The guard stuff all looks save-able. The warhound is fairly smashed but am confident I can rebuild it.

The chaos dragon though is literally shattered. the huge wings (which are cast 1 piece each) are completely broken in half. most pieces have seperated (despite being pinned) and many are broken further.

The one plus point is at least I havent painted it yet.

I may start a log for the restoration work, it might just inspire me.


a friend of mine had one such disaster once. he was riding his bike home from a gaming night and didn’t see (or bothered… gaming nights often involve some beer :cheers ) some roadworks. he rode into something, was thrown over his steer and landed on his backpack… which was filled with a large Tyranid force.

good luck with restoring the FW stuff, i know how expensive those mini’s are.


I had a friend whose house caught fire while he was away on vacation. No one was hurt and the house wasn’t a complete loss, but the heat got close enough that all his minis were puddles of plastic and metal. He saved one model, which he uses as the “victim” of plasma gun fire… its litterally a puddle mounted on a 32mm round base with an arm sticking up holding something resembling a bolter.

Sorry for the loss.


Sorry to hear about your accident, hope the damage isn’t too bad.

Worst catastrophe I heard about (barring house fires) was on the Empire Forum where not long ago a guy had his army smashed deliberately.

Edit: Link http://warhammer-empire.com/theforum/index.php?topic=35060.0


managed to more or less salvage the 'hound last night - just have to reattach the arms (maybe magnetise this time).

The dragon tho, I think I can reglue/pin it all but I seem to be missing some talons. It has a few on each wing and limb and I dont seem to have enough. The problem is my spare room is so full of boxes they could be anywhere!

Thanks for all the messages of support dudes.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Well, the good news is that the models are metal and plastic. No matter how bad the damage is, you can repair them.

I built a lot of balsa wood model airplanes when I was a kid. They are so fragile that anything can break them. I had a few boards of wood fall on a few of the planes. Once that happens, there’s nothing left but little, useless pieces of wood.


i’m sorry to hear about your loss, man.


That’s awful. Best of luck on the restoration.

Like Thommy, my figures are in glass ikea cases. Though I’ve never had the fears that he has. They seem quite stable to me.

Thommy H:

Yeah, well, if I put them up you’d be crapping yourself too. I’m not known for my DIY skills.