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Installation 1.

This is to blog the various forces of chaos which I will be collecting/ updating, this will start of with Mortals, then Chaos Dwarves (with some daemons thrown in for good measure). A lot of the units will not be able to be used in the one force, but some units such as the Bull Golems (more on this later) will be able to serve in a number of forces as different units.

I am currently in the process of rebuilding my Hordes of chaos (I know they are separate lists now but intend to have one of each). My Chaos army consisted of 2x16 marauder units (one with flails, one with great weapons) 3x16 units of chaos warriors (halberds, chosen with extra hand weapons, extra hand weapons), 2 Chaos warrior chariots, 12 knights of chaos (converted from barded empire warhorses and classic chaos warrior torsos), 1 mounted sorcerer, 1 chaos lord on daemonic mount, hero of tzneetch, tzneetch daemon prince (will mention him later when I get around to redoing him, as he was an impressive looking model till I lost a wing and his head). 1 gor/ungor unit and some spawn. Oh, and 6 Ogres with crappy “heavy armor” (basically shields glued to them)

I have decided to scrap the 2 chaos warrior chariots, as they were tomb king chariots which looked too small (fit 2 warriors on them though, but just bareley, the driver was in the chariot, the other warrior would be hanging out of it holding the banner in one hand and a halberd in the other). I will also be remaking my Daemon Prince and the spawns.

The Ogres are currently being converted to have better poses, and plate/ chain armor along with various helmets. One lucky Ogre is lucky enough to be sporting a skullet and mutton chops. Pictures will be uploaded once complete but before any paint is applied.

I am also scratch building a Giant from old train cards, plastic frames from box sets, putty, green stuff, and a few Tyranid bits. Pics for that once it takes a bit more shape.

I have to redo my formerly chosen warriors  (classic models with mutations) to be forsaken.

I am/will be converting Dragon Ogres up, War Alter, 2 scratch built chariots, Horrors of Tzneetch (about half done), Bull Golems (count as Chaos Ogres with heavy/ chaos armor and great weapons for the moment). Others will be mention soon too.

The main thing I am waiting on is my order of 2 warriors of chaos battalions, 2 boxes of marauder horsemen, 1 box of ogre bulls, 2 pairs of dragon wings and a fair bit of greenstuff.

I must shower before my drum lesson, should be updated in a few days time, should include completed/ near completed Ogres in Chaos armor with additional hand weapons and Horrors of Tzneetch.


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Installation 2.

Hey, it’s been a while since my last post as the past year I have had little free time for the hobby.

Since my first post I have put together 10 converted chosen, 10 converted furies and one champion of Khorne.

In progress I have:

3 units of warriors (18 in each) armed with blunderbusses

2 units of warriors (16 in each) with great weapons

2 units of warriors (16 in each) with handweapons and shields

2 earthshakers, with crew

10 converted black orcs

various CD characters

Horrors (9 so far, going up to 20 or 30)

Chaos Ogres (they are going through their third fitting of armor as the previous two were not to my liking),

2 units of maruder horsemen

1 unit of chaos knights (one more that needs to be started

As well as other things such as daemon princes, 2 hell cannons, a 19 cm behemoth, 8 bull centaurs (including 2 characters), a mammoth, dragon ogres, along with a number of other units that need to be assembled or repainted (after stripping the paint off them and removing mould lines)

I have decided to put my Chaos dwarves before my other chaotic forces because I am not a fan of current beastmen models and the second wave of mortals and daemons have not been released yet (plus rumors of a new warhammer starter set which will mean the end of BfSP).

Below are images of my wip chaos warriors in various forms of completion.


Some good work there Helsreth, like the scale mail looks really good


Impressive work this far! Both beards and armour looks great… :slight_smile:


Looking good man, where abouts in Australia are you located?


Woha! A big assembly of small shorties! Looking good so far, hope you will get time to paint them soon.


Thanks for the positive feedback guys!

Alfract- I live in Brisbane.

Cutting the guys back is a real pain in the butt, I have luckily only cut my finger once while doing them (still basically have 2 units of blunderbuss wielding dwarfs to go though.

I want to fix up most of the masks/ helms, as well as some of the mail work.

Will be posting up a wip bull centaur, a wip black orc and three wip hob goblins (a sneaky git, an archer and one with handweapon and shield). I will hopefully get them done tonight.


Good man, im sunny Coast myself, maybe a game one time when we both get our armies finished. be sure to post this stuff up on Wargamerau, it always good to see to more Aussie CD players repping it.


Awesome stuff so far. Can’t wait for more updates.