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Hi Everyone

I was wondering about the varnish spray overcoat, what is it meant to do and what are your experiences using it, i am not sure if its worth getting or not.

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Not worth it for plastics, I’ve not had a single chip on my plastic models. The metal is another story


I�use testors dullcoat great stuff! It protects the models and removes the shine.

Kera foehunter:

Dull coat rules!!! that is the only thing i use


cornixt, the dull coat/matte varnish isnt all for chipping purposes.

depending on the paints you use, especiallyif you use GW paints, they have different gloss contents. some paints are glossier than others, and when mixed on a model tend to drag down the look of it. dull coating it will equalize everything making the model pop more.

for metal minis, it also serves to protect it from getting chipped. i have heard the best rout to go for metal is prime->paint->gloss coat->dullcoat. the dull coat can rub off, while the gloss coat does not. gloss it first to protect it, then dull coat it to rid it of the shine.

Kera foehunter:

well you have to watch how much of the gloss coat and dull coat you use it will blure the figure it good for an army but bad in a figure contest i know !!!


okay, never had a problem with different glosses on paints except for Midnight Blue which used to be very glossy if I didn’t shake it well before painting.


Dull coat rules!!!! that is the only thing i use

Kera foehunter
Yay for Dull coats.

Sorgenkammer, certian glosses start to turn a clear yellow over time. I would advise Dull coat.