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Shawn (sp?) from Blue Table Painting did 3 video battle reports with his painted Chaos Dwarfs:





The tacos look tasty.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I admire his enthusiasm but holy cheeze army… Talk about giving Chaos Dwarves a bad name. And he’s really, really bad with the rules. I like his painted Magma Cannons though.

Grimbold Blackhammer


holy cheeze army... 

Grimbold Blackhammer
:o Exactly my thoughts when I saw the 3 MGs and 2 Destroyers...

I'd wish the CD would have lost ;P just to get a better reputation. Have you read the comments? Half of the people are complaining how OP our evil stunties are.

BUT they don't know that this is the most cheesy army possible and for that I think it isn't doing that good against a medium Empire army...


Edit: Haha, just mentioned, that the Chalice isn't workin truly in his favour EVER ;P Exactly what I'd expect to happen to me.

Da Crusha:

Im watching it. just finished part 1 of cds vs empire. Im liking it so far. anybody know how many points they are playing? 3000 maybe.


At least 3000pts, i absolutely love those K’daai and the paint scheme. I really get tired of all the people who cry cheese, from personal experience they only do it when they are loosing/loose or are scared. I understand that there are lists out there that are absolutely, devastatingly brutal and inspire dread, but i thought that is what the game is about. Namely, bettering your skill by playing tough opponents with even tougher armies. I mean, i thought that is what strategy is all about.

I think there are too many players these days who are more concerned with showing off their pretty models than actually playing a game that is fundamentally a war simulation. You win, you loose, you devastate, you get devastated. Either way the people who cry Cheese should be more focused on stepping up their game than on what three magma cannons and 2 K’daai destroyers can do.

I am very sorry have to put you all through that, i have been dealing with so much griping over how all powerful chaos dwarfs are and how cheesy they are that i finally cracked. Cheese is something i put on my tortilla chips and or broccoli not something one can cry whenever they find out that their strategy/tactics/army list wasn’t as all powerful as they originally thought or just because they are scared.

Leave the cheese in the food group, play like you have a pair and if life gives you lemons squirt them in your opponents eyes. Just my personal rant, again sorry for putting you all through this, but it still feels good to get this off my chest.


Well and as we see: the 2 destoyers die (both!) and don’t even get their points back… also he does the T-test too often.

I’ve also watched his game against Ogres… the 3 Magma Cannons, a deathshrieker and the dreadquake aren’t even close to destroying enough to save the game



it is a bit beardy to have 2 destroyers and 3 magmas, but 2 stanks and 2 massive hordes of warriors with priests in both is not that much better

Grimbold Blackhammer:

With my appologies to any Sigmarites this may offend - Empire troops suck!  Even with a Warrior Priest they still suck.  I can’t recall even once having lost to a block of Empire troops.  Their cavalry and steam tanks and such I have.  But never once to one of their infantry units.

Grimbold Blackhammer