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Hello all! I’m a long time Dwarf player and collector who has now, after a long hiatus, decided to get back into the hobby and switch over to Chaos Dwarfs! In order to kick-start my new army I decided to order two regiments of Mantic dwarves (Some people call me crazy when I say I like them. I’ve always imagined Chaos Dwarfs to be a big bigger than regular dwarves and these models fit my vision very well. Also, 18�,� for 20 dwarves? Holy crap, man.) which I intend to be converting and later on painting into being Chaos Dwarfs.

Here’s a pic of the two most complete dwarves.

As you can plainly see, my green stuff skills are quite rusty. I feel I got the shape of the scales right on the dwarf to the right, but instead I screwed up the size of them. The beards also look a bit wonky, but I don’t think it’s anything a good paint job won’t fix.

I’ve got 40 of these dudes to convert and play with, I think I’m going to make one unit of 15 with spears and shield, one unit of 15 with hand weapon and shield and one unit of 10 with great weapons.

However, I am completely stumped as to what shields to use. The shields that came with the dwarves are horrible and I have no others to use. At least not until I can fetch my bit-box from the neighboring city - in which case I’ve got a crapload of Dwarf Warrior shields I can scrape the icon off and use. I might get some Chaos Marauder shields as I like the shape of those, but I have yet to see one in real life so I do not know the actual size of them.

Anyway, with the dwarves came dogs. I kid you not, I got six of these little guys!

I felt I needed to do something cool with at least one of them, so I looked around a bit and realized that there was quite a few spare dwarf heads in there as well. Said and done, I plan on having one of my warriors carry this magnificent beast into battle instead of his weapon:

This is a very barebones intro to my army blog, but I’ll update as I go along!

I’d also appreciate C&C on my dwarves! Any tips on modeling scale mail and Chaos Dwarf beards would also be welcome!


Awesome greenstuffing there mate :cheers
I agree with you fully, mantic dwarfs are near perfect for making chaos dwarfs.

There seems to be allot of us swedes here.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I think you should make Fido your unit champion!

Grimbold Blackhammer


Nice work, will follow this closely.

And i would second Grimbold Blackhammer: Fido for Champion!


Nice work!!

+1 for Fido


Thank you all for the feedback!

Now that you guys mention it, I’m actually considering making Fido the unit champion. I feel he needs something more, though.

Also, does anyone know a good place to buy GW bases online, at a price that won’t burn a hole in my pocket? The bases that came with the dwarves (20mm mantic bases) look silly, I prefer the good old GW-styled bases.


I think alphaspel.se has them for 1kr each :wink:


Holy crap, man, you’re right! Unfortunately they’ve only got 7 in stock. And with 65kr in shipping, I don’t feel it’s worth it. :wink:


The Doggie RULEZ!!!




Time for the next installation!

After a very productive day, I’ve finished the beard and scale-mail thing on four more dwarves!

I’m still having trouble deciding what to cover their faces with, any ideas?