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Found a link to this, I havent seen this posted before, its horribly close.

I used to work at the GW Newcastle branch just next to the Viz office. I’m trying to figure out who the red shirt is based on.

John's Toy Soldiers: Viz and War Workshop


is this the gw in the UK Newcastle or the gw in the AU Newcastle?


UK Newcastle, it was on Clayton Street at the time and has now moved round the corner onto Newgate Street.


it looks like it could almost be ray…



haha, nah i dont think its Ray, Rays like a big over enthusiastic puppy, he started there just after I did. He has never even attempyed a beard and is the worlds worst at following fluff (rainbow coloured chaos grey knights on horseback anyone?)

There was a guy called Phil in the late 90s/early 00s who looked a bit like that. He was like GWs answer to C3P0.


Wasn’t the manager called Gary?


Aye Gary Warriner, it has him who directed me to the link.


i wasn’t collecting back when phil was there, sounds a fun sort of guy though…


I remember the old store. Remember buying loads of games and figures when GW started to specialise in warhammer and sold off all their old games & figures! Happy days!


Hadn’t seen the second page before, so thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Had the same problems with legal tender in Scotland. They were looking really funny at the Belfast bank note I had gotten as change from a cabbie earlier. Sheesh.


Shared this on TFF, funny stuff.


If you can’t figure out who it is, it’s probably you :wink:


Used to buy viz when it was just a couple of sheets outside st.James park(Newcastle uniteds football ground) never seen this strip though!


hey there isn’t a St. James’ park in Newcastle, only a Sports Direct Arena :~

we live in dark times indeed…


Haha ohh thats good, reminds me of all the has been red shirts in my area over here. Go figure our store closed down a few years back…


Sports direct arena? Never heard it called that? Well obviously the BBC do but for the real world it always has and always will be st James park!


Sorry double post… Sorry the Football talk is getting off topic… On the subject of GW Newcastle… I actually entered a lammasu in a painting contest there and won… They had it on display for ages then when I went to get it back they had lost it!!


oh dear…


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The Newcastle GW is a shambles when i lived in newcastle, One time i walked in and walked out when i saw 5 people with a bunch of baneblades and all that waiting for a staff member at the counter and a pork choply kinda guy was sitting about painting ignoring them talking to 12 year olds that were running about hitting tables with red rulers and using a proxy ironman toy as an avatar of khaine. I just walked out never to return. ( And this wasn’t even a Saturday! )

The Sunderland and the Middlesbrough GW’s are excellent so maybe it’s just a staff thing.

Thommy H:

Actually, my pet hate with GW stores isn’t the usual “hard sell” stuff (I’m good at shutting down conversations I don’t like), it’s the fact that sometimes, especially on weekends, you have to just loiter by the till for a good minute or so before someone actually wanders over from the painting table full of children and lets you buy something. On at least one occasion, it wasn’t even a staff member that processed my transaction - it was some mouth-breathing “regular” who just knew his way around the counter.

I get that they’re hobby centres too, but this is a shop. I expect you to at least be able to sell me things competently.