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I wouldn’t normally post about new 40k terrain, but this one has been strange for a few reasons.

Firstly it’s made from polystone (whatever that is)…?

Secondly it’s released in ltd edition, only 1000

So inevitably it’s sold out within a day or so.

A new approach to selling terrain I guess.



Anyone else think it looks like it’s made out of sonic screwdrivers?


Already sold out. It seem not overly clever to limit that terrain piece to a run of a mere thousand.

Is it some kind of test run for this new material, to test the waters without bombing the wider market as GW admittedly did with their Finecast hyopcrisy?

As for the terrain piece it looks quite good all things considered. And it’s always good to see more stuff for the Mechanicus. :cheers


I may be, and probably am, wrong; but a few years back GW made a ltd ed terrain piece for 40k called the chapel of the sanctuary. I have a feeling that was “polystone”. This also came fully painted. I notice that while it mentions assembly required and please use GW glue. Nothing is said about painting it. Alt hought the picture of it in a box appears to be a strange green colour.

Who knows


I’m not sure, but the only pre-painted piece I know of to have been released by GW was that Kais (Fire Warrior main character) model in some box or other.


Heres a link to a blog talking about the other scenery piece.

Linky McLinkus

Owning one of these myself, it is neither the standard resin, nor plastic or metal.

This was also suppose to be ltd ed but they produced such a large volume in the ltd ed run that it was almost as “limited” as the Hobbit Escape from Goblin Town ltd ed box set.


Yes, that one. Now that you mentions it, I’ve also seen the plastic sheet warped on those I’ve seen.

Is polystone a resin variant?


The Void Shield Generator is made of hard, durable resin, in keeping with the sense of gravitas it exudes. The 10 resin components come pre-cleaned and ready to assemble - simply glue them together with Citadel Super Glue Think, get it undercoated, and start painting.

White Dwarf
Having spoken to my local GW staff member, it is the same material as the Chapel of Sanctuary, only this time they are trying to make it limited unlike the Chapel where it took 18 months to get rid of it.

Ammusing that it sold out with in 10 mins. A full 15 hours before any of there shops, charged with promoting the model, opened. and then furthermore make such a big deal of it in this weeks WD mag.

They really don't understand good marketing do they.