[Archive] Volcanic gaming terrain?


Hey everybody;

Does anyone know where I can purchase some volcanic themed terrain for my wargaming table? Thanks in advance.



check it out, this place is perfect for what you want to do.


Thanks for the help, but I am sure that I read on this forum that Zuzzy was a very unreliable company to do buisness with. Please let me know if I am mistaken.


Thanks for the help, but I am sure that I read on this forum that Zuzzy was a very unreliable company to do buisness with.  Please let me know if I am mistaken.

I have heard nothing, but I have never used the,



Actually one of our members (Veshnakar) dealt with them. He said that everything went fine, but it took 50 days to get the order home. This is dued to the fact that the “company” is not a company at all! It’s just a guy running it. Anyway Veshnakar also said that quality of the product was ace…


Sounds like if you want to get a Zuzzy mat, you should have the mentality going in that you will eventually get it in a few months. But also from what i have seen people are more than happy with the product, just the customer service and wait time is worse than the DMV x 1000


I just put in an order for a 4x4 volcanic and some scenery. Hopefully it arrives by Canadian Thanksgiving so i will have a long weekend to paint it :slight_smile:


I hear the 4x4’s are shipping much faster brots


I read a thread somewhere (Warseer I think) where someone was unhappy with Zuzzy for not getting any replies to e-mails or phone-calls. Apparently, as already mentioned, it’s just 1 guy working in his garage and he is in way over his head. Far too many orders, so it takes a while before he gets to a newly placed order. The reason for the bad communication lies in the fact that he only starts looking at a customers e-mails once he gets to producing/handling their order.

I guess this way of handling things is somewhat understandable when he has a big backlog of orders, but it can be extremely annoying and worrisome when you’ve spent money and get zero communication.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to take the risk :slight_smile:


i am not sure if it suits your needs; but i am planning on buying Pegasus Hobbies’ craters, only to paint them as lava pools for the display board of my army.