[Archive] vs. Dark Elves


new the forum.
played at CD around 3 times now. last match i won against dark elves.
this time he plans to actually use witch elves. which was a mistake on his part; however this lead to me having 1300pt left by end of turn 6. he had 100pt.

any suggestions?

2500 Pts - Chaos Dwarfs Roster

1 Sorcerer-Prophet
Level 4 Upgrade; The Blood of Hashut
1 Darkforge Weapon
1 Charmed Shield
1 Sceptre of Stability
1 Talisman of Preservation
1 Healing Potion

1 Dark Castellean (Battle Standard Bearer)
1 Black Hammer of Hashut
1 Enchanted Shield
1 Dawnstone
1 Ironcurse Icon

1 Daemonsmith Sorcerer
1 Channeling Staff
1 Ruby Ring of Ruin

1 Daemonsmith Sorcerer
1 Dispel Scroll

32 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard
Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hailshot Blunderbuss; Deathmask

1 Dreadquake Mortar
3 Chaos Dwarf Crew
1 Slave Ogre Crewman

1 Chaos Dwarf Magma Cannon

1 K’daai Destroyer

1 Iron Daemon War Engine

Total Roster Cost: 2496


What list did your opponent use? This could help us a lot to understand how your force handled the enemy :wink:


What list did your opponent use? This could help us a lot to understand how your force handled the enemy ;)

to be honest, he is trying an all new strategy. the last one ended in such a slaughter i dont think he will try the same thing twice.

i expect to see;
1 unit of black guard and 1 unit of executioners at least 25 strong
no bolt throwers, he literally didnt kill one guy with them.
level 4 mage using dark magic. so i will be spamming ashstorm if i get lucky. will have a 4+ ward at least.
might see some dark riders and a unit of cold one knights to try and take out my war machines.

i will see a cauldron of blood and unit of witchelves. he has already told me that; something about 6 attacks per. and they get 5+ ward save

the new books seems to be built completely for offense. so he will have to come across the table for me; hence the deathquake.


The Dreadquake is definitely a useful tool to slow down the enemy. Good idea to include Blunderbusses, their fire alone should be sufficient to blast his Witches off the table in one/two salvo. One thing though, right now the only things your army that can handle the enemy are the Destroyer and the Iron Daemon.

I would drop one of the Daemonsmith, and leave the other one a level one with just a charmed shield (the one that gives him a 5+ save against the first hit). Don,t forget that as long as this guy’s close to warmachines he can make “look out sir!” saves. Shave some Items off the Prophet as well, kit him with a 2+/4++ save. Same with the Castellan, drop the Black Hammer and just give him a Great Weapon if you want him to fight. Slap the Mask of the Furnace on his face for a 3+/4++ save.

Then again, if your heroes are going into the Infernal Guard (which they should), drop them down to 28 (only the first and the second rank can fire anyway).

This should give you enough points to purchase another fighting unit in the shape of Bull Centaurs or Fireborn, or some chaff in the shape of Khans to deal with those pesky Dark Riders.

One more thing, any Dark Elf player worth his salt deploys a Dragonhelm toting Dreadlord to grind the Destroyer to a halt. So use magic/shoot him before he charges your precious combat monster.