[Archive] Vuzarak Sootveil and the Dervish

Dervish Helldance:

Now before you read this, I would like you to know that when I chose my username I hadn’t really thought about much background for an eventual special character with that name, but that I have now (I usually call myself Saintspirit, but as far as I know you can’t change your username here). So worth noting is that I have hardly anything in common with this Dervish Helldance, especially since I am male and this character is female :slight_smile:


Vuzarak Sootveil gazed over his servants from his obsidian palanquin as they prepared the huge arcane plateau in Vazarak’s most important hall. The majority of acolytes, all wearing red cloaks inscribed with black runes, stood at the walls and sang their horrible dirge. As the song began to reach its end, the leader of the choir took up a simple piece of coal and drew a runic circle on the floor, a circle of binding of daemons and spirits, for Vuzarak Sootveil was a Chaos Dwarf of the sorcerer caste, and enslaving the spawn of magic was a ritual frequently executed in the temple of Hashut, Father of Darkness. The Khazn looked up on his master after he had finished his task.

"Lord Vuzarak… Everything is ready for your ritual…"

Vuzarak nodded silently and the Immortals carrying the black throne his immovable body sat on slowly walked closer the altar. Now was the time, Vuzarak thought for himself. He couldn’t deny he was quite in high spirits, even if he didn’t show it. Ever since he as a young Pyrophant first had discovered this particular K’daai when scouring the Empyrean, he had dreamt about summoning it to the material world and enslaving it. He had kept the knowledge of it and its location secret for hundreds of years, waiting for his time, climbing upwards in rank as a sorcerer, but now was finally the time. Vuzarak lifted his hands in the air, his Onyxian Sceptre crackling with dark power.

"By the power of Mighty Hashut, Father of Darkness, Magma and Rock Incarnate, I, Vuzarak Sootshade, here summon thou and binds thou to this world and my command. Come forth, Dervish, Queen of K’daai, Consort of Aqshy!"

When he had finished the mighty invocation he pointed his black rod towards the exact middle of the circle, and in just the same moment, a great storm of fire broke out upon the altar. While he and his acolytes had seen this happen several times before, the heat of this conflagration was far greater than any flames Vuzarak had ever seen before - he could see how the skin of the Khazn, who had stood too close to the circle, completely flaked off in just minutes, his screams of pain drowned by the bale daemonic shriek from the fire spirit as it was trapped in reality. The might of this fire spirit was that of a hundredfold regular K�?Tdaai, but Vuzarak was a experienced wizard, and empowered by the magic of Hashut and the Onyxian Sceptre of Marduk he could ensure it could not escape. Now the flames began to take form; in them a face appeared, looking upon Vuzarak with its burning holes it had for eyes.

�?oDon�?Tt you dare try to entrap me, the Greatest of K�?Tdaai, no mortal binding me to this world survives�?�, it said with a strange voice, at the same time sounding like sparks of a furnace and like spun silk. Vuzarak was however not affected by the threat.

�?oYou do not scare me, Dervish. From this day on, you are under my command. Now, I order you to take your true form, become the Helldancer, the greatest addition to my clan!�?� As a completion to the commandment, he pointed his black staff towards the K�?Tdaai once more. In response the fire appeared to be writhing in pain as it tried to resist the sorcerer�?Ts spell, but it was of no use - the magic of this great fire spirit had been temporarily weakened by the magic of the summoning circle, and soon enough the will of Vuzarak Sootveil took complete control over the flaming being.

�?oAs… You wish, master… Sootveil…�?� the fire spirit said, and then began to decrease in size many times over, until what flames was left on the altar gained the size and form of a human, lying in the middle of the circle. Finally, the flames changed colour and material, and transformed into what seemed to be a simple human, clad in common cloth - to any other Dawi�?TZharr it would appear as a mistake, but Vuzarak had seen the true shape of the Dervish, the Helldancer.

�?oRise, my minion.�?� he said silently. Slowly, the Queen of the K�?Tdaai stood up, and it could soon be seen that she wasn�?Tt human. While she had the general aspects of a female human, her skin was black as coal and her short hair white as ivory. Her dress was red, textured with images of flames, and on her brow she wore a golden crown socketed with a glowing ruby. What was most eye-catching, however, was her face - she had hardly any facial features, except for a small convexity which was supposedly the nose, and two large black holes for eyes, looking like completely abysmal depths. She looked up towards Vuzarak.

�?oGreeting, Master Sootveil. I am at your service.�?�

He had succeeded. The Dervish had been bound to this world and to his command.