[Archive] W: Chaos Dwarfs. H: Tau, Kroot, LOTR, SM, Necromunda, Chaos, Orks, O&Gs, Eldar


I’m looking for any chaos dwarf models available. I’m most interested in plain Chaos Dwarfs and Bull Centaurs though any models from the chaos dwarf range (armed with anything, most preferably in regiments if possible) I’m interested in. I am interested in Hobgoblins as well as Chaos Dwarfs. I’m also above all else looking for a Chaos Dwarf Greater Tauros Rider (I have the Tauros itself). Also I’m not interested in any scratchbuilt models, only official GW Chaos Dwarfs

I have and am willing to offer:

Tau and Kroot:
7 Battlesuits
3 Devilfish
1 Hammerhead Gunship
2 Tetras
1 Piranha
10 Stealth Suits
13 Pathfinders
38 Fire Warriors (One or two have arms missing)
6 Kroot Hounds
3 Krootox
20 Carnivores
2 Shapers

16 Mordor Orcs
4 Warg Riders

9 Gangers

Space Marines:
Mephiston (Missing his sword hand)
6 Marines, 2 with rocket launchers
1 Death Company Chaplain
High Priest Corbulo
3 Terminators (Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, TH & SS)
Chaplain in Terminator Armor
2 Scouts
1 Techmarine
Squad Leader with dual power fists

5 Pink Horrors
1 Screamer
Ahriman (missing hand and backpack)

Space Orks:
7 Ork Boyz (Mostly Old Style)
7 Gretchin

Orcs and Goblins:
9 Snotlings (Designed as a Snotling Squad)
Goblin Spear Chukka

3 Swooping Hawks
2 Striking Scorpions
Phoenix Lord Fuegen

I’m not particularly inclined to international posting but will if needed to. I will take pictures and show them to anyone who requests so. Oh and I live in England