[Archive] W: Iron Warriors, CSM, FW bits H:£/$

Pyro Stick:

Im trying to build a small force of Iron Warriors and so far ive got enough IW metal parts to make 10 IW and i have 1 lascannon. So now im looking for the following:

Iron Warrior Warsmith:

Iron Warrior Pieces:

As i already have 10 heads and torsos they arent the highest priority right now but if anyone has any for sale i will still consider buying them. Melta gun and arm are of higher priority.

And Iron Warrior Shoulder Pads:

Need 9 sets of these at the moment.

Forge World bits:

Iron Warrior Rhino Doors

Chaos Rhino Extra Armour Reinforced

CSM Bits:

CSM Legs x10 from the latest CSM’s or metal legs from the havocs

CSM Havoc Weapons with their arms

CSM Weapons and arms from the normal warriors.

CSM Vindicator

CSM Rhino

CSM Obliterator



Hashut’s Blessing:

I think the iron Warrior pads and conversion set are back on GW UK and the warsmith might be too. However, you might’ve known that and wanted them cheaper. If people have more than Pyro wants, get in touch with me as well, please. (Sorry if I’m hijacking it, but I don;t want to part with my warsmith…)

Pyro Stick:

Yeah they are still on GW UK but i just can bring myself to pay the £4 postage. But i might just have to order from them in the end. So far ive only been able to get my hands on 8 Heads and Torsos and one pair of shoulder pads (im only going to try build two units of iron warrior troops). So tomorrow i might order from GW shudder shudder (first time in years) and buy the warsmith, a conversion pack, and a few shoulder pad packs. Then im going to need to start a CSM bits wants thread or i might just order from bitzbox as i need to get some more of the new undead shields for my cd’s.

Pyro Stick:

List Updated to include CSM bits and more FW stuff