[Archive] W: Irond demon/Skullcracker H: Ogres, Demons, VC


Hi there

If by any chance someone here have an iron daemon or a skullcracker and don’t want it anymore, i would be happy to exchange it against some models of mine.

I will accept assembled models (gladly !) but not painted ones.

I have Ogres, Demons, and vampire counts to trade. Most of them are still sealed in their boxes, and all are from the latest version.

I also have a Malifaux gang, if anyone is interested…

Please consider i am in France, so transport will take some time, and will cost more than your usual local postages. For these reasons, i prefer not to trade outside Europe. I don’t have anything against US, but you are pretty far my friends :wink:

See you :cheers

Edit: PM sent to CopperPot, just because there is no need to flood for this here :wink:


Just curious to know what VC models you have to swap.