[Archive] W: Warhammer Forge CD models H: retail Paypal


If you have WF models, I’d be interested to buy them.

Here’s a list of what interests me with the order of priority (1 is very important): DRAZHOATH THE ASHEN (1), Dreadquake mortar (3), iron demon (1), infernal guard (2), infernal command (3), demonsmith (1), magma cannon (1), and/or hellcannon (1).

I’d be willing to pay retail for these products if they’re new, including shipping to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. If they’re past the NIB state, price will be on a case-by-case basis.

Products must be without flaws, in their original bags or assembled, primed or painted. If they’re past the NIB state, I will need photos before I blindly pay up.

PM me!