[Archive] Want: Citadel Judge Dredd range


Right-o yet another project I have always wanted to do, I’ve ummed and ar’d over which range to run with (Mongoose/Warlord, Citadel, Foundry) and I’m sticking to my Oldhammer roots for the time being and will end up scaling up at some point and do the others as well.

Just a shame about the scale difference.

Anyway I’m after everything from the Citadel range (Accept from those listed), offering paypal but I’m on a budget so won’t pay the earth.

Top of the list is

JD3 - Perps
JD4 - Mega-City One Judges
JD8 - Judge Cal & Henchmen

Have already:

JD1 Judge Dredd (Early Release)
JD3 Perp Chapman Pincher
JD3 Citi Def
JD3 Citi Def Attacking
JD3 Angel Gang (Full gang, Inc Judge Child)
JD4 Judge Reed
JD4 Judge Patton
JD4 Judge Giant
JD4 Riot Judge with Riot Foam
JD4 Riot Judge with Stum Gun
JD4 Riot Judge with Stum Grenade
JD6 Judge Fire
JD7 Judge Dredd (Later Release)
JD7 Judge Anderson (Later Release)
JD8 Deputy-Chief Judge Cal
JD8 SJS Judge Slocum
JD15 Joe Bananas
JD15 Fast Eeek

Let me know what you got and price :slight_smile: Also have a spare Riot Judge with Stum Grenade to trade.

Let me know what you got and price :slight_smile:


Heh there’s always one that asks, full range can be seen here (Minus the Slaughter Margin ones)

Judge Dredd - CcmWiki


Ha, didnt realise these were still sought after.

I’ve seen a few boxes knocking around our warehouse at work (I work at the games developers who own 2000AD) Wonder if they know what theyre sitting on :smiley:


Well some of the rarer ones (A few of the perps and some of the Slaughter Margin) can fetch big money. Might be worth you asking for them heh, :slight_smile:


Really cool miniatures man. Had no idea they existed.


24 figures have been sourced, first post updated.

Perps, Mutties and Not-Max Normal from Slaughter Margin needed most